Rebtel 2.5 Now Available for iPhones

Rebtel has come up with a new way for their users to have an easier way to access their phones’ call type settings. Now people can do more with the application and they can experience better calling services that are provided by the company. This has been made possible because of the feedback that users have given. Rebtel has also taken into account the needs of their users when it comes to providing the best communication facilities for them.

rebtelOne of the innovations that Rebtel has included is the Call Type Switcher. This feature was developed based on the type of data that their users are sending and receiving. People would want to have access to the same setting as when they make calls even if they would be using it to for data call instead of the usual local call. Users who download the application from Rebtel the first time around will see that all of their calls are all connected under data, 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

There are times when users are not able to get connected with the local numbers that they would like to call through the Rebtel services. In this case, they can just swipe and then tap the option for “Local Call” in order for them to make their calls successfully. They can switch back to the regular mode if they would like to. Rebtel’s 2.5 access for iPhone devices is very easy and very convenient to use. It also provides users the chance make use of another whenever local connections are bad.

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