Reasons Why People Need Cisco’s Video Conferencing

People especially those who have some businesses across the continents have had lots of information about video conferencing. This has been one of the most effective ways of cutting down on travel expenses by those who need to attend business meetings or conferences outside their countries. People have started to make use of what technology has to offer not only to cut down on company expenditures but to improve their communication systems as well. Businesses are able to cut travel cost by almost half by adapting the video conferencing strategy.

People in the business world may not fully be aware of the impact of video conferencing. They may have some knowledge about communication platforms that they can make use of but they also wonder how much it will cost them to maintain such. Andria Baunee, a video conferencing expert shares her views about the latest technological innovation that can be of help to business owners in attaining their goals.

cisco conferenceMore information about Cisco video conferencing system

Andria Baunee tells people that video conferencing acts like a bridge that connects old things and new things. Traditional businesses were conducted through the gentlemen’s agreement which always was concluded with a handshake. Businesses were also built based on relationships but today, this may not be the priority when making transactions or deals. However, video conferencing may serve as the anchor to built relationships so people do not have to worry about sacrificing their personal relationships in order to maintain their business relationships. Technology has made it possible for people to be in two places at the same time.

Those who are serious about getting their business ahead need a communication system that is reliable. Cisco provides the answers to the video conferencing needs of business owners with the quality and endurance of the products and the services that they are offering. The physical appearance of the equipment itself adds up to the image that the companies are trying to build. People do not have to be technical experts in order to make use of a communication system that is provided by Cisco. They can always call for assistance whenever they need one. While the outward appearance may look very expensive, business owners are assured that they can well afford to have one for their business use.

Cisco may be on top when it comes to the products and services offered to organizations and institutions but this is not the most expensive option for people who need it. Companies have actually realized that the Cisco Video Conferencing system is a cost-effective measure to resolve communication problems and that as businessmen, they can greatly benefit from it.

Businesses with cameras and other communication equipment that are already installed

People do not have to worry about the equipment that they already have in their offices because they can still make use of it. They may opt to use their own display together with the video conferencing system of their choice.  However, it would be better if the old cameras have the same quality as the other things that go with the system. Those who are using SONY camera for example may continue to use it together with Cisco’s video conferencing system.

There are some types of equipment that may not work well with the system. Just like any other systems available, there are times when specifications of separate parts may not be compatible with each other. People who would like to see life-like pictures for instance may as well use the one that is provided by the company.

Versatility of the Cisco C20 system

People can make use of the C20 with the Crestron system. They can also take advantage of the 4 audio inputs, the 3 audio outputs, 2 HDMI outputs and also the VGA input for their computers. The two options for camera use allow people to use the C20 for their personal office requirements or for their large boardroom meetings. The Cisco system is versatile enough to meet the expectations of small or even large groups that need to be in the meeting or conference at one time.

Communication services that go with the C20 system

Business owners can make use of the C20 system with other communication services that are being offered in the market. The standards-based system works with what other manufacturers have to offer for the benefit of those who would like to make use of an integrated communication system. People are able to include all that they can possibly make use of like skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime and other applications for video calling programs that are available. Business owners can make use of the best resolutions when they have to communicate with their customers who are using Skype for example.

Some of the things that business owners can do include connecting their system with Skype through the facilities provided by Vidtel or by EasyMeeting. They can also pay for a hardware-based AV Bridge so that they can meet with other people online through the video conferencing system that they have in place. However, this may cost the company around $2000. Another option that people can look into is the use of the Cisco Jabber if they would like to have a chat with any one of their business contacts.

Those who would like to see to it that their communication and their information are secure will have to consider using Jabber. Business owners who would like to save on costs may check the free one-time use of the communication facility that is being offered by Cisco Jabber. People who would like to avail of the more advanced version of the Cisco Jabber will have to pay about $29 each month. Most people know that they get better quality if they pay for it rather than getting if for free.

Using the C20 for meetings with several people in different locations

People can call others from their office using the C20 Quickset point-to-point communication system. This means that they can call one office and no one else at one time. The participants may have different video conferencing systems but this would not be a problem because most providers make use of the standards-based protocol. However, those who need to call more than two locations will need to have an upgraded video conferencing system that has provisions for a built-in-bridge. Business owners may also opt to buy software or even a hardware bridge. Another option is for them to use Cisco’s MeetMe which is a cloud-based bridge instead.

Video quality of the C20

What is good about the C20 system is that it has undergone extensive research and development prior to the creation of the final product. Cisco ran various tests in order to find out solutions to all possible problems or issues with the system. The final product has been equipped with the ability to predict error, to make adjustments and to compensate for other problems such as bad connections.

The Cisco system has provisions for various bandwidths so that it can adjust to whatever is being used by the participants. Business owners are able to adjust their video conferencing system if they see that the one that they are calling has poor connection. They may be able to detect this problem by running a diagnostic analysis on the network that they are using.

Recording data and video conferencing calls

People have been using video recording like those who are catering to remote trainings, pre-hiring interview and for distance learning too. Business owners can make record using the C20 (Cisco TelePresence Content Server) a recording infrastructure that is provided by a third party.

Availing of the Cisco C20 now

This holiday season, travel expenses are relatively high and expensive but business owners still have to do their work. They would be able to cut down on costs especially with the in-stock systems as well as with overnight shipping options. Those who already have a C20 do not have to worry about exploding budget especially when the holidays are here. People who would be able to avail of a C20 Quickset now will also enjoy an LG LED TV for free. Aside from this, they get to enjoy $139,000 worth of gift only from Uncle Sam. What’s more, people can get their video conferencing system for free. They may check this through Section 179 of the tax credit.

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