Pingo Review

Pingo is one of the top notch VoIP providers these days under iBasis which is the parent company. Its exceptional service is what makes it popular with users from all over the world. And with a lot of rewards, discount days and other offers, it is no wonder why Pingo has a very high customer retention.

Call Rate

Just like other VoIP providers, Pingo offers free international call if you are a new customer This is one great advantage if you want to trim down your phone bills. Basically, you will get a free $10 bonus when you sign up for their service and this promo may also change, but one thing for sure is that there will always be something in store for new subscribers.

The savings do not stop from there as you will continue to benefit from its competitive rates. With PIngo, you can make cheap call to Finland, Peru, Zimbabwe Bahamas and other parts of the globe. For instance, a $5 worth of credits with Pingo is equivalent to 100 minutes of call to Finland while the same amount will give you 91 minutes of cheap call to Peru.


The rates they offer can be found on its official website and you will not look for another as their rates are competitive and really cheap. Their VoIP international calling cards are really one of the ideal choices on the market so far as this can truly make your international call expenses lower than it should be if you use your regular phone line.

Line Quality

The competitive pricing that you will get from Pingo is something you can be happy about, but there are more to expect from this provider. One of the best things about Pingo is that it can deliver top line quality which gives its VoIP service extra value.

In fact, it is the greatest offerings from Pingo VoIP and when we say, great, they are really superb compared to the poor line quality that most VoIP calling card providers can deliver to its users. With Pingo, every international call is such  a wonderful experience as you will only hear solid, clear and distraction free sound all the time. There are no dropped calls and feedbacks either making their services one of the most remarkable.


Pingo is under iBasis, which is a leading carrier for long distance communications. With this, it goes without saying that you will only have to expect superior reliability and quality when it comes to Pingo. It really shows with its list of cool features as what follows:

  • Speed dial which lets you enjoy quicker connections
  • Auto Recharge which makes sure your minutes are topped to help you enjoy calling and prevent incidence of insufficient funds
  • Trusted network that provides more than 1 billion international call minutes each month
  • Web dial feature from more than 200 countries for 1.75 cents a minute
  • Fast PIN less dialing, mobile application for Android, iPhone and Blackberry
  • Online account management so that you can take control of your features

Customer Service

Aside from the privilege to make very cheap international call to anywhere in the globe and high end line quality, Pingo’s customer service is also remarkable. Their customer representatives are dedicated, competent and friendly. All of them are well experienced and always vigilant.

They make sure their clients are always 100% satisfied not only with their rates, but with the line quality as well so they address technical issues very promptly. They can be reached via phone, email and other means. Overall, it is a fair company that delivers nothing but outstanding and reliable services.

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