Pinger VoIP Review

Pinger  is a very interesting VoIP application that lets you place free international and domestic calls from and to all over the world apart from its free SMS service. With such, getting in touch with your loved ones with the rest of the world will always be possible at no cost.

Call Rate

Pinger is today’s great version of free VoIP service that will truly help you save a lot of money. With such service, you no longer have to avail of expensive plans and suffer from very high phone bills as you can use this VoIP tool to get in touch with the world at no charge.

Basically, all incoming calls via the Pinger network are free as well as the outgoing calls if you are calling fellow Pinger user. You also have the option to go for cheap outgoing rates or get hold of free outgoing minutes just by downloading and watching particular applications and videos.


This application is getting more and popular now as this lets you make cheap international call to anywhere in the world as you would only be paying for the data connection from your desktop and mobile and the calls are technically free. Current VoIP providers are realizing the importance of data so they are offering free calling and messaging for everyone.

Being on Pingo is the easiest and most practical way to save money on making international calls and other services such as text messaging. By taking advantage of this great tool, your calls abroad will be the cheapest and can be free!

Line Quality

Pinger is truly a wonderful alternative to your regular phone lines not only with the savings that you can get, but the quality of the calls. Being free does not mean that you will have to bear with poor quality calls. It is amazing that the sound quality is very neat and the voice sounds very natural. Every message comes so clear that you will be understood and vice versa.

It has performed well in a series of line quality tests making it a commendable VoIP provider. It is a lot better than using international calling cards that involve cost when making international calls and still the quality is very dreadful at times. With Pinger, a call to the UK, India, Brazil and other parts of the world can be free and with high quality.


Pinger makes each international call free so long as you call Pinger users as well or you have obtained free outgoing minutes. All you need is to encourage friends to join the network and you can talk as long as you want. You will also love the fact that it offers a lot of incredible features such as the following:

  • Pinger for iOS
  • Pinger for Android
  • Customized voicemail
  • Zillions text and ring tones
  • Group addressing

These are just a few of the tings that you can do with Pinger and there are certainly a lot more and you will discover all these once you are already enjoying Pinger to make domestic and international calls to anyone in the globe.

Customer Service

If you find yourself in trouble while using Pinger, you can rely on its official website for help. You can encode your search query in the search box and you will be directed to the right resource. So, if you have questions about setting it up or other matters, feel free to navigate the website and get the answers. So far, this is the only way to get help with Pinger’s services, but overall you will be satisfied with what it has to offer.