PhonePower Review

PhonePower is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a VoIP provider that can meet all your expectations. It has gained the Gold Award from the TopTenReviews with its competitive pricing, wide array of calling plans and solid features. If you are looking forward for a cheap international call each time, PhonePower is ideal for you.

Call Rate

Basically, you can enjoy free international call with PhonePower if you take advantage of the in network calls or the free VoIP calling service offered by this company. You can also download it in your smartphone so that you can enjoy it on mobile. This is very useful since this lets you save huge amounts most especially if you are always on the go and you need to make an international call from time to time.  The truth is, it is cheaper if you make use of your VoIP service than your mobile carrier services.

With Phone Power, you do not need international calling cards to avail of the service. Instead, you can choose from great plans such as the international home and small business plans that are available in different costs according to the terms such as the following:


  • Monthly term – $24.95
  • 12 Month term – $22.95
  • 24 Month term – $19.95

These plans include free calling to USA and Canada, 20 hours for international call each month, free online activation and equipment lease as well as tons of cool features. If you will compare the rates being offered by Phone Power to other networks, you will realize that the rates are cheaper compared to the VoIP giants like skype.

Line Quality

When it comes to the line quality, Phone Power can deliver an excellent line quality that exceeds the capabilities of your old land lines. Thus, whether you make an international call or domestic calls, you can expect a very good line quality free from interruptions such as dropping calls, static sounds and echo or feedbacks.

The service that they offer can be top notch compared to other providers with their line quality and availability. A great number of its customers including myself enjoys the outstanding reliability offered by Phone Power. With an excellent line quality and affordable pricing, a call to France, UK, China, India and other countries can be so easy on the pocket.


Just like other VoIP providers out there, Phone Power offers the basic features that you would surely benefit from like the following:

  • Call waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Call forwarding
  • Free international calls
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Soft phone
  • Contact list
  • 3 way calling
  • Online account management

It also features more advanced features so that each time you make domestic and international call, the experience will be more high end. For instance, the enhanced 911 feature is amazing as it functions similarly to the regular 911 with an extra feature. It sends crucial info like your name, location and address if you cannot speak. Other advanced features include failsafe, simultaneous ring, bandwidth saver and fax catcher.

Customer Service

Phone Power’s customer support is one of the strongest in the industry. It has a very comprehensive support page that lets you get access to the quick links. All you need to do is to type your query in the search knowledge base and you will get the vital information you need.

If you have questions or technical concerns, do not hesitate to call Phone Power and all your questions and issues will be resolved by professional customer representatives You may also send a fax or email so there are numerous ways to voice out your concerns.