PhoneBooth Review

PhoneBooth which is a subsidiary of is among the biggest and widely known telecommunication provider in the US. Its offerings are entirely unique and competitive combined with very refreshing policies. With all this, there seems to be no reason to say no to PhoneBooth most especially if you are the person who makes an international call every single time.

Call Rate

One of the most attractive offers of PhoneBooth is its low price when it comes to overseas calls. With this, you can make a cheap call to Germany, China, Australia and other countries so easily. The per user rate to avail of the service is $20. There is actually no activation or set up fees and the fees are all inclusive.

Once you have bought your VoIP devices, all you need to do is to settle the flat monthly charge according to the number of users. For business users that need two separate numbers, there are two phone numbers in your plan and anything extra will cost $1 monthly. Imagine, with just $20 per month, you can enjoy local and international call.

phoneboothThe pricing that PhoneBooth offers lets users save as much as 60% monthly compared to the pricing of the competitors. The set up is also very easy and the activation is almost instant. There is also no contract so you will not have to suffer from termination fee and other charges.

Line Quality

The line quality is superb most especially if you will configure your VoIP service with the best PhoneBooth VoIP phones.  They come automatically configured with your service so all you have to do is to plug the phone and you are good to go. With these phones, you will get high definition sound so the line quality will always sound great.

The network is also clear so you can always make cheap international call without the most common distractions such as echo sounds, dropped calls and other interruptions. With PhoneBooth, you no longer have to get contented with using international calling cards as you can get hold of a better, cheaper and more comprehensive service that makes every international call a wonderful experience.


With PhoneBooth, you can enjoy huge enterprise features at a very low price. Its features are truly incredible as you can enjoy the following each time you place an international call:

  • Unlimited long distance and local calls for as low as $20 monthly
  • Voicemail to text transcription which saves you more time
  • HD quality for voice calls which produces crystal clear sound each time you connect
  • Call routing or the “follow me” feature that ensures your calls will get to you whenever you are or to any device.
  • Wen 2.0 interface that is very useful when it comes to managing the features without the need of technical knowledge.
  • Conference calls with temporary or special number, participant passcode and a moderator.
  • It is hosted in geographically dispersed and redundant data centers for more reliability of the service

Customer Service

With PhoneBooth, you can always expect 24/7 support as you can always submit a support ticket to its team of experts. You can give them a ring and you will be assisted by a US based representative so do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns that you may have.

You can also reach them via email and rest assured that you will get quick reply all the time. If you wish to get self help or you are simply curious with other facts, you can explore the FAQs page on its official website and you will be truly enlightened.

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