Review is one of the excellent VoIP providers out there that lets you connect your phone to your current net connection so that you can place a local and international call like you are using a traditional telephone line. This technology makes calling faster, cheaper and more flexible.

Call Rate

With, you can communicate wherever you are, whenever you are and however you want it minus the high costs. Many people are choosing this network as it offers affordable calling rates to anywhere in the world. With this, you can surely make cheap international call every single time.

PhoneIn fact, the company is so generous to give you a free trial where you can make free international call within the trial period. This will let you avail of quality calls without any charge at all. This is applicable for individuals, homeowners, mobile users and business professionals.

What about its paid services? Well, offers a wide array of plans to meet your specific needs. The lowest they have is the $8.88 virtual number plan that gives you 300 minutes, a number and a voicemail. Another feature is the virtual office for $14.88 with the same number of minutes as a virtual number plus virtual extensions and two numbers.

Another great plan is the $19.88 home phone plus that includes unlimited minutes, free adapter and one number. The number included in the these plan include toll free, local and global. If you wish to have an additional number, 800 or vanity numbers, you will have to pay minimal fees for the set up.

Line Quality

It is no doubt that offers reasonable pricing for their plans which makes you enjoy cheap international call and avoid the hassle of using international calling cards. But what about the line quality? Well, I’ve tried VoIP service for over a week and I must say I was pretty impressed with the sound quality. There was no echo and the calls were free from possible interruptions such as dropped calls.

In fact, with the line test tool, the results are good enough making this service highly recommended for everyone looking for a reliable, high quality but affordable service.


Apart from the technology and flexibility in pricing which allow you to place a cheap call to Germany, India and other parts of the world, also offers the most enticing features that let you get the most of what this provider has to offer such as the following:

  • Local numbers
  • Toll free numbers
  • Global numbers
  • IP devices and phones
  • Voicemail and extensions
  • Customized greetings
  • Fax capabilities
  • IVR and Queues
  • Call blocking and forwarding

These are also premium features like the Caller Analytics that collects incoming caller info and separate these into 6 data categories such as social status, technology, demographics and others. There is also the voicemail transcription feature that lets you read voicemails instead of listening to the message.

You can also record your calls within your individual number and account which can be stored and reviewed online anytime.

Customer Service’s customer service is pretty impressive. Its representatives are always ready to give the best assistance possible. They are courteous, professional, friendly and competent. If you wish to ask something or you need help, you can reach them via their toll free number or you can email your concerns. The live chat option is also a great way to get the fastest assistance possible.

Apart from these, you can also have self help from its official website. The FAQs page and the user guide section are comprehensive enough to provide the best assistance possible.