Phone Calls Documentation for J1 Visa Immigration

Entering the United States for individuals coming from another country for the purposes of studying or for cultural exchange activities need to acquire a J1 Visa. Non- US citizens who would like to study medical or business courses may be granted this type of visa especially if they want to pursue their studies is these particular fields. Residents of other countries who would like to go to the US would need to have a legitimate job offer there even before they start processing their J1 Visa application.

Unmarried dependents below 21 year old as well as spouses of employed workers in the US may also be allowed to enter the country provided that they have secured a J1 visa. This is required from individuals who would like to join their employed family member in the US who is already residing in the US. The J1 Visa may be granted to those who would be working as child care providers as well as with youth counselor and other types of workers as well. It is also given to young people who would like to be there as a high school exchange student.

However, individuals carrying J1 Visas may not be able to get their family members there because they are only allowed to stay on a short term basis only. J1 Visa holders can stay in the US for about 1 year up to 5 years only. Those who would like to be granted a J1 Visa need to show proof that they are being petitioned by their family member in the US.

Those who are petitioning their dependents in the US are likewise required to provide valid proof that they are really their dependents. They also have to provide proof of their financial capacity in order to support their family members whom they are petitioning. The family members or dependents could be their children or their spouse who are holding J1 Visa. They may use documents as their proof like birth certificates, marriage licenses and other legal papers.

One of the proofs that individuals who are applying for visas to enter the US would be the records of their phone calls. Applicants of the J1 Visa need to have sponsors which could be their employer to whom they will work for or the school or university where they will study. They may record their phone calls so that they can use it as a document when processing their Certificate of Eligibility. All forms of communications including phone calls can be documented and can be presented in order to expedite their visa application process.

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