Pending Threat to Mobile Operators on SMS Revenue

Mobile operators are on the run for their money as one of the top research and analyst of the telecommunications industry, OVUM revealed a shifting paradigm in the social messaging service industry. The current situation provides mobile operators with steady revenues but the scenario might change as other messaging platforms are slowly eating up the market.

OVUM has included SMS, MMS as well as emails as part of the present social messaging services that are provided by mobile operators. Today’s social messaging participants include providers of mobile applications as well as those who offer mobile social networks and mobile instant messaging facilities. Although the SMS business is hardly out of the scene yet, there is a threat to it as people start to make use of better platforms such as those that are designed with LTE/4G network capabilities. Traffic is now being driven towards the more capable and richer communication facilities.

OVUM ranks at par with the other top analysts together with Gartner, Forrester as well as with IDC. Other groups that foresee the same scenario a few years from now include Altimeter Group, Disruptive Analysis and iGR as well. New players are bound to take away and divide as much as $54 billion revenue by 2016. These include providers such as TextPlus, GroupMe (skype), Google Voice, What’s App.

Providers of SMS, MMS, instant messaging and email options that may lose their market over the other communication facilities or platforms include the BBM service if RI and the iMessage of Apple. All providers of SMS or IM features that are designed for laptops, desktops, iPhone, iPad or iPod will be affected as users shift to using better platforms than what they are using at the moment.

The findings indicate that consumers desire to have better access to communication services. Apple’s iMessage provides them the advantage because it works on any type of device while GoogleVoice can also be used on data as well as with SMS networks. What’sApp on the other hand provides MMS like features that are made available through the SMS like application. One of the best features of GroupMe is its mailing list like application so users are able to create and to send messages to members of their group. Most of these providers also offer more features such as data archiving, storing and forwarding options. Aside from enjoying these features, users are also able to send their messages to Twitter. They can also make use of other available applications as well.

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