Pay Less and Talk More with Vonage

Other companies like PennyTalk may be offering low prices but customers should know better that only Vonage can really deliver to them the best digital calling card of today. Vonage also offers better deals in terms of rates that people have to pay for when they make international calls. When compared to other companies, Vonage rates are 35% lesser for calls going to the Philippines, 49% lesser for those going to the UK, 56% lesser for calls to the Dominican Republic and about 63% lesser to calls going to Columbia.

On the other side, PennyTalk charges its customers fees such as monthly charges, payphone charges, connection fees and also minimum charge. People may end up paying too much with all of the charges that will be added to what they are actually paying for. Vonage assures that their customers will not be suddenly cut off from their calls if they have used up all of their call credits. Vonage provides them with an auto-recharge feature that allows customers to continue with their important calls without being interrupted in the process.

Vonage Digital Call Card Features


  • Overseas per-minute call with very low rates
  • Customers pay only for the minutes that they have used
  • No recurring monthly charges to think of
  • No need to worry about other charges like minimum charges or hidden charges as well as connection fees
  • Reliable Vonage network services
  • Call available for landlines and mobile phones as well
  • Excellent call quality
  • Call credit bonuses for all customers

Great call credit bonus available to all

Customers who add more than $5 on their call card from Vonage will get more of the extra call credit and they may also get up to 40% free credit when they pay for $25 worth of calls. The more time that customers use up for their calls, the more call credit they will have to earn. No doubt that there are more people who are now using Vonage call cards rather than those who are using PennyTalk.

Customers who would like to make use of the auto-refill option can do it easily as it is designed to be of the self-service type. People do not have to spend so much of their time if they need to simply refill it very quickly. Customers now know why they have to choose Vonage digital call cards rather than choosing PennyTalk instead.

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