ooVoo Review

ooVoo is a surprise for those people who are searching for ways to make free calls. This is one provider that lets you make free calls to Canada and the USA and affordable plans to let you keep in touch with the world. With this kind of technology around, who would not say no to ooVoo?

Call Rate

Basically, ooVoo is a comprehensive communication suite most especially if you are fond of placing an international call most of the time. Its strongest point is the free video conferencing feature, but its voice calling capabilities and other functions are exceptional too. You will be glad to give this a try and do not forget about the 2 hours free calls to the US and Canada to get the most out of this service.

oovooApart from the free services, ooVoo lets you enjoy cheap international call through its paid services. For instance, they have the super plan for $10 a month where you can enjoy 6 way video chats, video recording capabilities and 1000minutes storage for videos. Similar to skype, it also has plans that lets you make cheap call to the UK, Australia whether landlines or mobiles with a minimum price of $5 each month.

With ooVoo, you will no longer need to refill international calling cards each time as you can avail of the free service and the fee based offers to let you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your phone bill.

Line Quality

Although ooVoo is more known for video calling, it is really surprising that for voice calls, the voices sounded clearly with very minimal echo in the entire duration of the calls. The echoing was not loud enough to cause distraction to the call. But overall, the line quality is something that is pleasing to the ears as ooVoo manages to produce natural sounding voice with the best technology.

Along with voice calls, ooVoo can also be used for video calls. I must say, the video quality was very impressive. The quality is smooth with very minimal distortion and this is combined with a very solid audio in most parts. Due to these things, placing an international call and making video calls through ooVoo is not difficult and annoying.


Generally, ooVoo is filled with wonderful features that you will truly enjoy when making cheap international call to your loved ones. With ooVoo, connecting with anyone through phone cals, messaging and video chat can be more fun.

With ooVoo, you can enjoy phone calls to landline and mobile for free and you can also enjoy very affordable services with its offerings. You can also have the ability to add as many as six phones for video calls. Moreover, you can send up to 25 MB of files, easily add contacts so that family and friends can join ooVoo and enjoy the services with you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyPRVkEObsQ]

When it comes to the VoIP video calls, you will surely find the ooVoo mobile interesting and functional. You can also use it in your PC and call as many as 12 persons. You can also easily embed video chat your favorite social network, blog or any website. Most importantly, the video resolution has a very impressive clarity.

Customer Service

When you need help such as when making an international call through ooVoo or downloading it to your mobile device, all you have to do is to visit ooVoo’s website. The “Help” page is packed with all the valuable information such as the “how to’s” technical support and the top FAQs section. You may also visit video tutorials, forums and ooVoo social network or submit a report through email.

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