Obihai Review

The Obihai may sound absurd, but it can provide outstanding VoIP services. Although it is is not as popular as Vonage and skype, this surely has a great following. This is no longer a surprise as it is one amazing product to invest in if you wish to save huge amounts in every local and international call you make.

Call Rate

Basically, Obihai introduced a device called OBi which lets you make use of your Google Voice account so that you can make free phone calls to the Canada and USA. The cheap international call that you can make is not limited to these countries as you can also place calls to other overseas locations while enjoying amazingly low rates.

obihaiThe OBi device can deliver auto provisioned VoIP service which can really help you trim down the cost of your phone bills. With OBi, you can avail of competitive rates as you can make cheap call to France mobile for as low as 10 cents a minute which is double the price of leading competitors. Other rates include 15 cents a minute to Mexico and 2 cents to India.

The great thing with this device is that you can make free calls to the US if you are within the country and Canada. If you are located in another country, all you have to pay is 1 cent per minute. Imagine, all you need to invest in the OBi device that costs less than $100 and you can benefit from huge savings.

Line Quality

Obihai has truly provided a great number of consumers all over the world a great platform to reach out with one another in the most affordable way and highest quality possible. So long as you meet the necessary components such as an analogue telephone, Internet connection, Ethernet port and a broadband or wireless router then you can expect superb line quality.

The quality is good enough compared to other top VoIP providers. The sound is very audible, sounds natural and you would not experience plenty of call drops just like with other providers. All you need to know are the basics and you can enjoy this without having to face the hassle of buying international calling cards or refilling each time.

If you have a good background about certain technicalities, you can navigate with the OBi device and configure the options so that you can get hold of the best possible configuration.


Obihai VoIP is oozing with cool features to let you enjoy placing an international call in any event and location. With the OBi device, you can do a lot of wonderful things with Google Voice such as the following:

  • Direct and free calls to the US and Canada

  • Direct dial to international locations at extremely low rates

  • Receive calls straight to your Google voice account through the telephone connected to your OBi

  • Make use of OBi for your Apple and Android device over 3G, $G and Wifi networks

  • Receive calls that can be bridged from your Google Voice to your Android and Apple devices without consuming your mobile minutes

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Online voicemail

  • Contact management

Customer Service


In case of inquiries or issues when it comes to the device and the VoIP services from Obihai, you can obtain the best help from its professional website. The FAQ page, blogs and forums and all the relevant information can help you with your concerns.

The technical support can be contacted via phone and email and there is also a supor page for all your technical concerns. You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for 100% customer service satisfaction.

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