Nobelcom Review

Nobelcom is definitely one of the well known VoIP companies that you can find these days. In fact, it is among the most supported services and what makes it unique is that they have their own international calling cards so that you can enjoy fixed rates free of extra charges.

Call Rate

If the cost of international call is something that bothers you, then it is about time to look at what Nobelcom can offer to help you trim down your expenses. Reaching out to your family and relatives abroad is very important, but it is also imperative that you get the best value for your money.

NobelcomWhen it comes to the rates, this VoIP provider offers decent and fair rates. All the fees are attached which cannot be found in other phone cards. You can also avail of its 15 minute free trial so that you can gauge the service. This could help you a lot since each country has their own protocols so this free trial can give you the best idea without having to spend a single cent in it.

To get a clearer picture, let’s give you a few examples of the rates offered by Nobelcom. Basically, a call to Australia, Bulgaria and Brazil costs 2 cents a minute while you can also make a very cheap call to UK, US and Germany for as low as 1 cent. The rates are truly incredible as the company provided the most competitive rates to the popular call destination in the world.

Line Quality

Nobelcom can surely live up to your expectations if you are very specific with the line quality. You can take advantage of the 15 minute trial so that you can gauge the quality of calls you can place through this provider. Based on a series of tests, reviews and from my personal experience, Nobelcom does not only great phone cards, but good sound quality as well.

With this company, you can place local and international call without the hassle of drop calls, static noises and others. You will be pretty satisfied with the way the line goes smoothly each time you place a call. With such service, you will be totally pleased that you only have to pay small fees to go a long way.


Nobelcom has come up with a number of great features to help you enjoy placing cheap international call every time. These features let you make the most out of your phone cards and these are the following:

  • Caller ID

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to email

  • Three way calling

  • Call forwarding

The Nobelcom phone cards that you will use to make cheap VoIP calls also let you make use of your regular telephone using the access numbers provided, from your PC to other phones with the PC application and from your smartphone through the Nobel Dialer feature.

You can also opt for manual or automatic recharge so that you can keep on enjoying low rates and great service from Nobelcom.

Customer Service


With this company, one of the greatest advantages is that you can get hold of 24/7 customer service. The response period is impressive as it only takes less than 2 minutes. You can also get assisted via live chat and you will be satisfied with the quality of customer support delivered each time.

If you are having technical issues, Nobelcom has the team of experts to resolve your problems in no time. You can also reach them via fax or make use of the call me service where you will simply dial a number and all you have to do is to wait for Nobelcom to return your call.