Nimbuzz Symbian 3.5 Version: Ready for Download

To all Nimbuzz Symbian app users, the company has given out some updates. The new 3.5 version has integrated the Friend Search functions into the Nimbuzz application. Users can now look for their friends among the 100 million members of the Nimbuzz community around the world. Finding friends has never been so easy with one click away. People can search as well as explore and expand their networks through this application.

Latest improvements

  • Ability to search for more friends
  • Improved Use of Twitter
  • Improvements on the interfaces for ease and convenience
  • No more problem with Certification Error

nimbuzzSearching for friends

People around the world can keep their connections with their family and with their friends tight and strong. They can also gain new friends by looking over a hundred million Nimbuzz users. People will only have to enter the name of the person that they are searching for and the list would come out so that they may be able to add them in their list of friends and acquaintances. Users may call or chat with each other for free.

Improved Twitter use

Nimbuzz has brought the Twitter option onto the dashboard so that users may be able to access it very conveniently. People may now use the ReTweet function without problems as the company has fixed the issues about it. Those who love to make use of Twitter will surely enjoy the improved version.

Improved UI

  • Those who are using Symbian touch devices will love the colored chat tabs.
  • Ability to express feelings from the choices in the emoticons grid.
  • Users can access the chatrooms right from their dashboards.
  • They can also make use of the Twitter option directly from their dashboards too.
  • The adding friends feature has been simplified for the convenience of users.

Resolved problems with Certificate Error

The 3.5 version assures users that they will no longer encounter problems when installing Nimbuzz apps into their devices. The company has fixed the problem on their Nokia security certificate which has expired last October 20, 2012. Now people can really enjoy their Nimbuzz Symbian 3.5 version.

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