Nimbuzz BlackBerry v1.4.1 Bug Fix: Ready for Download Today!

Here is some good news for Nimbuzz BlackBerry enthusiasts – bug fix for v1.4.1 is now ready for downloading today. Clients who have been facing problems with their Nimbuzz can now send feedback whenever they need to. The company product manager, Mukesh Tanwani assures their clients that all issues sent to them will be addressed promptly.

The company also provides ways for people to get more from their BlackBerry units. Those who have been having problems with their Nimbuzz especially after upgrading have to follow specific steps.

They can delete first the previous application that they have set on their Nimbuzz before restarting their devices. Once their devices are ready, they can proceed to Appworld. All they have to do is to install this version into their devices. This application fixes the problems that have been bugging Nimbuzz Blackberry users. Another benefit of this new bug fix is that they do not have to do their clean-ups on a manual basis.

All Nimbuzz BlackBerry users are encouraged to participate in the discussion forum at,51.0.html. They may be able to share their Nimbuzz experiences with others who would like to know more about the applications that they can enjoy from their devices. People may also include new feature requests in their discussions. The company will be glad to know what Nimbuzz Blackberry users have in their minds as well.

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