NetTalk Review

NetTalk is creating a buzz in the VoIP industry with its NetTalk DUO adapter which is a device that you can connect you your computer or router. This lets you enjoy fax friendly telephone lines, free international call DUO to DUO and cheap international call to regular lines.

Call Rate

You can definitely enjoy free and cheap call to UK, Canada and anywhere in the globe with this very helpful device. With such, you can stay connected to your family and friends regardless of geographical locations.

In essence, calls to Canada and the US for DUO to DUO consumers are absolutely free. It also offers interesting calling plans so that you can make cheap call to anywhere in the world without the hassle of using international calling cards. The basic plan that you could get is the $29.99 yearly flat rate plus you have to purchase the DUO device for $15. Given the yearly rate, you can benefit from a lot of calling features for as low as $2.50 a month.

nettalkAside from the basic plan, you can also avail of the advanced plans so that you can make affordable international call. These plans include the:

  • North America Add-on – For only $5.85 a month or $70 annually, you can enjoy free calls to Puerto Rico, Mexico and all the features included in the basic plan.

  • International Add-on – This $10 plan lets you enjoy unlimited international calling to 60 countries along with the standard features.

Truly, the savings that you could get with NetTalk is amazing so why look for another?

Line Quality

NetTalk’s VoIP service is recommended to everyone who makes a lot of international calls as this can make your phone bills extremely lower. The reduction in price does not mean reduced line quality as NetTalk can provide clear and consistent phone services. There can be issues at times and this is unavoidable to everything being operated out of technology.

However, the prompt technical support being offered by this company can help resolve any issue. Overall, the line quality and phone service are reliable and you can also benefit from the easy software installation. Calling via NetTalk is something that you would love to do each time you wish to place an international call.

The line quality is comparable to traditional phones and it is amazing how something so cheap can give you quality service.


You can surely experience versatile VoIP service with NetTalk’s fantastic features such as the following:

  • Free local and long distance call to US and Canada

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to email

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

  • Call forwarding

  • 3 Way Calling

  • Smartphone application

  • Online account management

  • Live tech support

Other remarkable free features that you can enjoy is the 411 directory assistance and the E911 or enhanced 911 which automatically link your address with your phone number so that it would be routed to the nearest PSAP or Public Safety Answering Point. It also offers free call conferencing and much more.


With all the cool features that you can get without having to spend extra, NetTalk is absolutely worth spending.

Customer Service

If you will experience any trouble when it comes to installation and usage, you can easily contact NetTalk’s technical support team for prompt assistance. There are also tons of help videos and instructional materials that you can download for more information.

The website FAQ page is also comprehensive enough to answer any queries that you may have in mind. So, using NetTalk DUO for VoIP for local and international call can be such a pleasurable experience.

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