netTALK DUOs ‘Month of Love” Offer

People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in a day’s event only but Inc. gives people a whole month from February 1, 2013 up to February 28, 2013. This ‘Month of Love’ promo is offered to netTALK DOU users so that they may be able to enjoy sending and receiving unlimited text messages for FREE. All they have to do is to purchase a device for netTALK DUO and use the code for the promo (LOVE2013) in order to activate the free SMS Text Plan. They may be able to buy the device at any of the retail partners or they can also get it from

Customers who avail of the netTALK device may be able to save as much as $29.95 a year. Those who pay for their DUO device at will receive it at no cost charged for shipping. They may be able to take advantage of the promo for the month of February if they register their device through the promo code (LOVE2013). Customers can download the application for the free SMS application to their Android, Apple iOS devices or Kindle Fire.

netTalk-DuoAnastasios ‘Takis’ Kyriakides who is the Chief Executive Officer of netTALK explains that the ‘Month of Love’ is an opportunity for customers to all value to their phone systems at home through the SMS Text Plan. They are able to save as the regular price for such service is about $29.95 per year. Customers can send and receive as many text messages as they want. They can also send their messages to anyone with mobile phones in North America. NetTALK customers can send and receive the messages from their Smartphone devices or from their tablets as well. They do not have to pay high rates for SMS Text Plans that are usually offered by other cellular providers.

Anastacios further explained that customers are not only able to save but they get to enjoy the best call quality and make use of the great features of the application. Customers do not even have to worry about contracts or cancellation fees. This Valentine’s Day, netTALK DUO customers may enjoy as they send and receive unlimited text messages especially on February 14, 2013. Users may also take advantage of the offer for the whole month of February. They can download the netTALK Text Application through Google Play, iTunes or at Amazon AppStore. People may celebrate the ‘Month of Love’ through netTALK DUO Free SMS Text Plan.

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