More Applications from VoIPs

Most people who make use of VoIP services are more into the mobile apps that they can do with their devices. Regular people make use of Smartphone devices as well as their tablets whenever internet services are available. These handy devices are very convenient and useful especially for those who are travelling around most of the time. At least, they have an inexpensive way of keeping in touch with important people in their personal lives or in their business world. Like most diseases in the past, problems such as high long distance fees have been eliminated with the emergence of new communication platforms such as VoIPs.

skype has become very popular even to most average users. Most people are now familiar with the use of the communication platform being offered by Skype. Even those who are in business have found out that they can make use of the VoIP solution that Skype premium is offering. However, people also need to be aware that there are still other VoIP solutions that are available depending on their personal or business needs. Other providers of VoIP solutions may also have some other features and other tools that are designed to specifically meet communication platform requirements.

Here are some of the VoIP providers that are offering more features for better communication systems at home or at the office:


There are more people now who make use of VoIP services that are offered by Vonage. Home users as well as small business owners have chosen Vonage as their provider for their communication needs. The company offers an introductory fee for 3 months for only $10. With this amount, people are able to avail of VoIP services with the use of fast internet connection. Later, subscribers will have to pay for $25.99 after they have used the VoIP services for three months.

Although people will have to pay more after three months, they get to enjoy valuable applications. They may be able to make use of the Vonage Box which serves as a portal to connect all—their home phones and their PCs to their router. People are able to make use of the services anywhere they would go.

Another important feature is the availability of Vonage Mobile Apps which subscribers can use for free even if they do not actually have their Vonage accounts. Other users of the services can get in touch with them by sending voice mail or text messages for free.

Thus, people may receive international calls even if they do not have the apps on their devices. Those who are placing the calls may save more than half of what they are supposed to pay when using the old ways of making international calls.

Broadview Networks

Companies or business organizations can tap into the VoIP services that Broadview Networks is offering. The applications may be used in almost any type of device from different manufacturers including “super phones” that are run by Android. Office workers can check their voice mails through their iPhones. They also enjoy other features much like some of the Apple phone applications.


People can make use of ooVoo just like any other VoIP services. The company has provided better interface features. About 12 people may use the video chat at one time. This feature may be very useful to those who need to meet with others who are in different locations. Those who value time and money may be able to hold meetings through their PCs or Macs. This would provide a more productive use of time as people are able to do their work or to check the progress of projects being done even without leaving the office.

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