Mo-Call Review

One of the best innovations in our modern technology is the invention of telecommunication. It helps a large number of individuals to communicate freely with their loved ones without a great charge of the services. One part of the telecommunication is the mobile applications that are highly applicable to it. MO-Call VoIP as one of the mobile applications is considered as a means of connection between families and friends.

What is this all about? MO-Call provides you the best saving action when it comes to international or local calls. It allows everyone to be convenient while using this VoIP service. Hassle free and cheap international call all over the world are the main attractions that this company has to its consumers. Using a Wi-Fi connection, cheap international calls to other MO-Call users are then successful and widely used.

Call Rate

mocallInternational calls from different countries using MO-Call is cheaper than other VoIP services. For instance, you are going to use a Philippines landline to call India landline, charges are divided into three phases. The Standard, which charges 1 cent per minute, callback that gives you a bill of 7 cents per minute. SMS is also having its minimum charge for about 4 cents per message. Using MO-Call, callers and receivers are highly using this type of VoIP to communicate all over the world.

Line Quality

Basically, MO-Call is having high quality lines for communications according to users and subscribers’ feedback. Phone call services are good as well as the text messaging using mobile phones with an installed MO-Call VoIP. In some instances, lines and signals are not as clear as what others are expected but the efforts for technical services are established for customer’s satisfaction and convenience.


The features offered by MO-Call are truly exceptional as they are made to suit almost everyone. One great thing is that their VoIP service can be used for basic cellular phones. In actuality, it offers support to over 2000 devices that is a stand out considering what other mobile VoIP companies can offer.

One of its many recognizable features is the support it offers to iPhone and most especially Blackberry models. MO- Call supports a lot of Blackberry models which makes the BB more competitive in terms of mobile VoIP. However, it does not only support these two devices as it also offers support to Symbian platforms and Windows mobile.

MO -Call can be utilized in various modes according to how you want to use it such as its “Home” mode that lets you make cheap international call to another phone such as landlines. It also features the ‘World Callbacks” mode where you deliver an SMS indicating the number you wish to call as well as the number you want to use to make the call. This mode lets you be called back simultaneously with your contact so both parties could take that call.


It also offers mobile or web callbacks where the calls are initiated through the website through your PC. Lastly, you can make free international call each time you are on the “Pure VoIP Calls” mode. This will let you engage in PC to PC cheap international call over the wireless or broadband connection.

Customer Service

MO-Call is always present to help with the many ways where you could obtain assistance. If you have handset specific concerns, you can utilize its handset help center as well as the user guide section and you will get the right help according to your device.

Its FAQs page also covers a wide range of topics to answer all your queries about its VoIP service. If you want to speak with a real person, you can directly call its support team and you will be assisted by the best customer representative available.

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