Making Payments Worldwide – MO-Call

Convenient Ways to Pay

People the world over can now make international calls at a very affordable price. They also do not have to worry about payments as MO-Call has made it very convenient for them. The company has made arrangements with various companies to assure clients of fast but safe and secure payment facilities.

People can also make use of their credit cards and debit cards as well as their PayPal accounts, Ukash accounts or Skrill accounts. MO-Callers from Poland may now make use of as well. Customers may simply avail of MO-Call credit through local stores or through the internet.

Using Credit Cards

Customers who are using Visa or MasterCard credit cards can add some credit to their MO-Call whenever they need to make calls anywhere across the globe. They have the option to include automatic top-ups together with their MO-Call accounts. This feature would automatically indicate how much people have spent with their calls especially when the available credit falls down to a specific amount.

Prepaid Credit Card Option

People can also make use of prepaid credit cards especially if they would like to keep their records for their personal or business calls. MO-Callers can check their banks that are providing prepaid credit card options to their clients. There are lots of people around the world who prefer using this type of payment mode when they purchase their MO-Call credit online.

Paying with Debit Cards

Some of the most popular debit cards that people use include The Maestro, Electron and Visa Debit. Customers do not have to worry about debts piling up because the amount that they need to pay for their MO-Call credits will simply be deducted from their balance in their debit cards. This is also one of the safest and most convenient ways of making payments online and in local stores.

Ukash Voucher Payments

People who do not have any credit card or debit card to pay for their MO-Call can pay through Ukash. This is a type of voucher system that customers can use to pay for their online purchases. Their cash can be exchanged so that they will have a prepaid voucher to make use of to pay for their calls. Those who would not be using the entire amount for their MO-Call can have the remaining balance returned to them in the form of another Ukash voucher.

People around the world can make use of the Ukash payment service as it has been made available in 57 countries across 6 continents. Customers may avail of it using Australian Dollars or UK Pounds. Those who are in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany and other countries in Europe can also make use of their Euro currency as Ukash accepts this as well.

PayU (

Clients from Poland can also make use of a payment system for their MO-Call. They can avail of the services of PayU which is the biggest online payment system that Polish nationals trust as it operates under the supervision of their National Bank.

Skrill (MoneyBookers)

People who are familiar with the PayPal payment system or those who have had accounts with MoneyBookers can now open their accounts through Skrill to pay for their MO-Call. This payment mode is popular in most Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania, Russia, Greece, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Automatic MO-Call Payment Systems

The company has enhanced the features of the MO-Call payment systems. People may now purchase their MO-Call credit through their credit cards. They are now able to automate their MO-Call so they are able to pay for their calls right away. All they have to do is to log in to MO-Call to check their balances which they can still use for their future calls. The automatic credit refill feature provides more convenience to all who would like to use MO-Call Top-Up option. People can also check with call records if they would like change the amount that they would like to spend for their calls.

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