MagicJack Review

If you wish to have a VoIP service that works better than your home phone then you can make use of MagicJack and be amazed with how much you can save on each international call that you make. This is one cool option that will bring communication to its finest without having to deal with overwhelming phone bills.

Call Rate

Basically, MagicJack refer to the device that can be plugged on computers and also comes with a phone jack so that it can be used with phones as well. This device lets a user place unlimited international call to Canada and the USA. Just recently, they released a MagicJackPlus that no longer require a computer to function.

magic-jackHow much will this cost its users? Well you will be pleased with how much you can save with MagicJack. Primarily, the device itself costs $29.95 and the first year of service is priced at the same rate However, you can save more by availing of the 5 -year subscription that costs $100. So, that means that you can enjoy almost free international call rates for only $20 a year.

With such VoIP device, you will only have to spend $0.05 each day for unlimited calling to Canada and the USA. This gives you the freedom to enjoy free calls as you wish as you only have to buy the device, settle the yearly service fee charges and enjoy making calls. This is surely one great alternative for your regular landlines, international calling cards and other VoIP providers.

Line Quality

You will not be deceived by its line quality since you can actually try the MagicJack before you make a purchase. Imagine how you can avail of a reliable phone service that lets you enjoy free international calls to the US and Canada.

You can use it with or without a computer and still enjoy outstanding voice quality. This tiny device can allow you to make phone calls to other phones just like a regular landline would. This is definitely a Vonage and skype killer as it delivers the best call quality without having to pay for anything but the device and the yearly service fee.

With MagicJack, making calls can be a pleasurable experience because aside from that it is almost free, there is no or very little chances that you will experience drop calls, poor reception or any kind of trouble.


The MagicJack offers great features that will surely satisfy its clients. One of these is the local number portability that is available with a certain fee. It is initially priced at $19.99 and will go down to $9.95 per year thereafter.

Other cool features that come with MagicJack without extra charges include the following:

  • Free local number

  • Directory assistance

  • Call waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Call waiting

It is way much better to go for the MagicJackPlus as it requires no computer. You can also test all the other features within the 30 day trial so you will have the chance to get a feel of what it is like having an account with MagicJack.

Customer Service


You can always get fast and reliable help with MagicJack. For concerns like changing your email address to enable your voicemail or purchasing additional years, you can always rely on its comprehensive website that contains a rich FAQs page.

You can also obtain live help in a matter of seconds by utilizing the live chat option or by simply getting support via the telephone. You can also watch “how to” videos that can be found on the website for visual assistance and others.

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