Lucky Wins for 2013 – Top Ups on MO-Calls

MO-Callers may now get the chance to win when they choose to opt for Top Ups. MO-Call does away with superstitions as the company gives the chance of winning to it users this 2013. The company is offering a rolling bonus each month of the year. The lucky 13 offer will be good throughout the year. Users who would be crediting their accounts through the Lucky 13 offer will be able to participate in the monthly draw for them to have the chance at winning back their call credits.

At the end of the month of January, MO-Call will enter the accounts of their users to the monthly draw so that they may get call credits for February. 13 MO-Callers will be given the same call credits so that they will be able to enjoy making more MO-Calls.

Entering the Lucky 13 draw

mocallPeople who are interested to be entered for the monthly draw may log in to their accounts at MO-Call. They will then have to go to Add Credit option where they can select Lucky 13. Those who are in Hong Kong may also participate but they will have to choose Lucky 130 instead.

Regular MO-Callers Top Ups

MO-Callers who have opted for Automatic Top-Ups will have the advantage of being added to the Lucky 13 offer from the company. They may be able to avail of this feature by changing the amount into the Automatic Top Up into Lucky 13. They will have the chance each month at winning.

MO-Call Offer

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer from MO-Call. People may be able start availing of it from January 18, 2013 (00:01 GMT) until December 31, 2013 (23:59 GMT). This offer is good for each account at MO-Call. There is also a limit in the amounts to be purchased (13 USD, 13 EUR, 13 AUD, 13 GBP and 130 HKD). Those who will win will get an email notification on the following month from their purchase date. Resellers as well as affiliates are not allowed to participate in this MO-Call offer.

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