Localphone Review

A lot of people today knows that a reliable VoIP service will allow them to place cheap international call from any device. This is especially true with a well known company like Localphone. With this VoIP provider, you can definitely gain access to very low international call rates that is compatible with any VoIP device.

Call Rate

LocalPhone rates are simply one of the lowest rate so far among the many VoIP providers out there. The great thing about it is that you can make a free international call to anyone so long as they are also a LocalPhone member. If you wish to make calls to standard lines, this involves a very small fee that is a lot cheaper than what you have to pay with your regular phone service.

localphoneThe LocalPhone VoIP service can be accessed via your computer, landline and mobile and you will be amazed how this company gets so upfront with the cost of their service. There are actually no monthly fees involved with their service, no connection needed as well as no service charges involved.

With LocalPhone VoIP service, you can make a cheap call to India landlines for as low as 1.7 cents per minute. Mobile calls to the same destination will cost around 1.5 cents per minute. If you wish to place an international call to Germany a lot then you would be glad to know that LocalPhone only charges 0.7 cents per minute on landlines and 5.2 cents on mobiles.

Essentially, the international call rates being offered by LocalPhone are very competitive and matched with the quality of service that they provide.

Line Quality

LocalPhone VoIP users will surely enjoy a wonderful experience with the high quality of sound on both local and international calls irregardless of the device you are using to make or receive the calls. The line quality is excellent for mobile, landline and computer. With such, you would no longer have to rely on poor and expensive phone lines.

Also, LocalPhone has recently launched its VoIP service over 4G technology. This new generation in mobile data delivers the best performance and connection possible. With the latest in mobile and voice technology, customers from all over the world who are using LocalPhone will benefit from the strongly established voice network. This will assure that you will get to have the best voice call quality compared to VoIP providers that are still on GPRS and 3G networks.


LocalPhone is rich with features that will surely excite users. Their call from your phone feature let you make cheap call to Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the globe through your landline or mobile. You can sign up with the service and benefit from free minutes.

It also offers an enhanced Internet phone that allows you to place cheap international call each time using your PC. You can also avail of the iPhone and Android LocalPhone service so that you can have a great time using it with your smartphones. Avail of LocalPhone’s VoIP and you can save your contacts for fast calling, turn voicemail to email and much more.

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Customer Service

Whether you are a new or returning user, you could always make use of your online account to make changes or set up your LocalPhone’s VoIP account. This will also help you gain information about your particular service.

In case you need more help, you can find assistance from its website’s FAQ section page which will help you find out more about LocalPhone VoIP. In case you need immediate service, do not hesitate to request for assistance from its telephone support that is prompt in responding to its clients’ needs.

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