Lingo Review

Lingo is among the well identified telecommunication product in the United States these days. This is no longer surprising as it has delivered superb international call plans with adorable capabilities and features. Lingo will make you break free from your expensive company as you can avail of unlimited international calling to many countries around the globe with the lowest rates possible.

Call Rate

Whether you are placing calls to family and friends to another country, you can always make a free international call with Lingo so long as they are also a Lingo user. But if you are planning to place calls to regular landlines, mobile phones and other devices you will have to pay a very small fee and this can be further reduced by availing the right plan.

Lingo’s plans are so flexible and affordable that you will only have to make cheap international call each time. If you want huge savings and surely you do, you only have to choose from the following plans:

  • World Unlimited

  • World Unlimited Plus Mobile

  • World Select

lingoThe World Unlimited plan costs around $23.95 each month. This plan includes unlimited calls within the US and across 45 nations. The World Unlimited Plus Mobile is at $56.95 per month and covers what the World Unlimited plan offers plus 1800 mobile minutes that can be consumed in 25 international destinations. The World Select which is at $23.95 which offers unlimited call across Canada and the USA and 1000 minutes to more than 65 countries.

Calls to mobile, usage of special or premium services are not covered unless stated in the plan so you must be aware of the rates and other plans to suit your specific needs.

Line Quality

Lingo does not only offer competitive rates, but consistently high quality service. With this company, a cheap call to France or any parts of the world would never sound cheap regardless of where you are since you would always benefit from crystal clear voice free from static noises and other disturbances.

The international call audio is terrific and there is no frequent latency when it comes to connecting calls. The voice quality can be compared to that of a landline telephone. With Lingo, hanging up and having to call again due to poor voice quality is almost impossible or very seldom.


Lingo definitely maximized its services by providing plenty of useful services. Apart from the basic features like call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and many others, this VoIP company offers premium features such as the following:

  • Emergency calling – This feature lets users route their calls from the Lingo’s network to the safe answering point local destination.

  • Number Porting – This allows you to keep your old number and transferring it to the Lingo’s network.

  • Universal Number – This is one feature that lets you avail of an international telephone number that you can use for the major countries and cities from all over the world.

Customer Service


Lingo’s customer service is delivered via phone and emails. This company has set a good reputation is meeting the expectations of its clients with its competent and professional team of customer service, technical, billing and other support. Long periods of hold time is not a major issues unlike with other VoIP companies.

If you wish to get more information about the company and its services or you simply need answers to relevant questions, you can also maximize its comprehensive FAQ section which will provide you the answers that you may need to resolve a concern or give you knowledge about a certain topic. Your needs are on top of the priority list so you will always be taken care of in many ways possible.