Latest VoIP Application for Users around the World

The latest TonyC news today speaks of the new functions that users can get from the messenger services that are provided by Facebook while another yet story say more of voice calls through LinkedIn which has been made available through Plingm. There have been great changes in the VoIP market because of these developments in the world of social media as people are given the chance to enhance their communication systems that are aided by the latest technological platforms.

Though VoIP systems are not yet a household term, experts believe that this may not be the case in the next coming years. As more technological innovations are expected, people will become more aware of the features that they can benefit from especially those initiated by LinkedIn and Facebook. These VoIP services are now made available to more than 14% of the world’s population. More and more people are realizing the best ways to communicate around the world so technological experts forecast an increase in the number of users for VoIP services.


The trend in the use of social media as a means of communication may be observed through the number of people who have accounts in Facebook which has exceeded that of Myspace and Friendster too. Most people around the world have consolidated their social media accounts through Facebook. This does not mean that this is the only available social media site but its platform is mostly used by people around the world. There are more or less 200 sites that cater to the needs of people to be in touch with one another but Facebook stands out when it comes to the most utilized platform.

Another VoIP application that is gaining popularity these days is the VoxOx. This new app is considered to be at par with the other VoIP services that are being offered to users. People may be able to avail of the services for free especially those who are using Android or iOS devices and those who have PCs or Macs too. Users may enjoy better features such as the ability of the application to have their voicemail translated into text messages. This feature though may not be considered to be one of a kind today.

Most VoIP applications at present are somehow similar to one another with just a few additional features that add up to its functionality. Users of various platforms are able to send text messages, make calls and do video chat with one another free of charge. Technological experts see that majority of users around the world will be using one VoIP service only just like what they have done with their social media accounts. People have instead used Facebook rather than maintain lots of social media accounts. They may also do the same with VoxOx in the next years to come.

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