Join the Festivities and the Carnaval this February

Brazil is an exciting place to be this month of February. Lucky for those who will be there at this time but others may still celebrate with their families out there through the free application offered by Vonage Mobile. People can still have a grand time with their relatives and their friends by making free calls as they revel in Brazil’s Carnaval this year. They may share moments of excitement as the week-long celebration goes on with parades, pageants and of course parties all around. Vonage mobile gives the chance to those who are at home to talk to their families or friends for as long as they would want to.

halloweenCarnaval in Brazil brings everyone and everything to a standstill. People are free to join the festivities and they also have time to receive calls from their loved ones from other countries. It is really a great time to catch up and be updated with everyone’s lives. People may share texts as well as images aside from the calls of great quality and all of these are for free only through Vonage Mobile. Those who are using iPhone or Android mobile phones but who are not using the Vonage Mobile application can still get in touch with their loved ones who have downloaded the application. They only have to make sure that the person whom they are calling is using the apps from Vonage.

Vonage customers on the other hand can invite all of their friends, relatives and loved ones to make use of the application that they are using. They can send the invitation to them through their contact list. People who would like to call others in Brazil but who makes use of other devices other than Smartphones will still be able to call them at the cheapest rates offered by Vonage. People around the world may save lots of money for their international calls.

Celebrating the Carnaval festivities becomes more fun with Vonage’s Refer-a-friend promo activity. Customers can earn a $1 if they are able to get one person to be part of this promo. Their friend simply has to download and to register with the company’s mobile application. Customers can earn as much as $10 if they are able to invite 10 of their friends or family members to join. Vonage Mobile makes the Carnaval celebration more fun with its features and promos.

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