Jajah Review

Jajah will surely help you free your voice with a perfect communication solutions via IP telephony. With such service, you can make international call to anywhere in the world. It works on anything and this will make you save almost 98% on your current phone bill.

Call Rate

Basically, Jajah can be one of the telecommunications tools that helps you place cheap international call to any destination. However, you may want to try its free services by utilizing its web phone. With every free international call that you make with Jajah, you save a lot of money. It works free by calling someone with the Jajah application. But if you wish to go beyond Jajah’s calling limitations, you will have to pay small fees.

The good thing with Jajah is that you do not need a certain software, headset and it surely works everywhere and on any mobile device. When it comes to the rates, you do not have to worry as this company has the best calling solution depending on your needs. No need to use international calling cards again as you can make use of Jajah’s VoIP telephony ans simply call from your mobile, landline, PC and other devices anytime and anywhere.

jajahWith Jajah, a call from the US to UK costs 3.2 cents per minute while other providers charge around 10-12 cents per minute. Other rates include 3.6 cents to France, 3.5 cents to Italy, 8.5 cents to India and others. Their international call rates can be found on their website’s pricing page.

Line Quality

Jajah is a simple and innovative tool that you can use to place cheap international call over the Internet without the need of any software, microphone, headphones and other applications. It can connect two telephones whether these are mobile, landline, domestic or international. It also does not matter if the user is connected to the Internet or not. All that is needed is to plug in the number you are calling from and the destination number. In seconds, your call can be connected and you do not even have to go to the Jajah website to enjoy making cheap international call each time.

The connections are reliable and the line quality is exceptional. The voice is always clear and there is no feedback, static noise or echo. With Jajah IP telephony, conversations can be always pleasing and seamless.


Jajah VoIP is definitely the communications solution with its wide array of features. It offers features like the following:

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to email

  • Three way calling

  • Call forwarding

  • Caller ID

  • Online account management

These are just few of the features that you can enjoy with Jajah VoIP and you will surely have a wonderful experience as it works everywhere. It is a universal service that makes you connect with your family and friends all over the world. With Jajah, you can save contacts in your phone and make a call to Austria, UK and any other country like they are local.


Customer Service

Jajah’s customer service is really one of a kind with its great international service matched with outstanding customer support. It has an extensive FAQs section that will guide you with every step from signing up to using the services. All you have to do is to visit the website and you will obtain the assistance that you need.

You can also get help from Jajah’s help center that can be contacted by clicking on the link on the website. Jajah’s official forums can also be accessed on the website for additional assistance. So, you will get more than enough help from one of the largest VoIP network in the world.