ITP VoIP Review

ITP or Internet Telephone Provider is among the premier VoIP companies today offering competitive plans suitable for both residential and business use. There can be a lot of options with this company and with its affordable rates and satisfactory service quality, it is definitely a great choice for searching for the right VoIP solution.

Call Rate

ITP makes an international call to any country really affordable. It offers the most cost effective VoIP plans that home and business owners can use. What makes them different to other providers is their interesting business plans. In actuality, businesses can really benefit from cheap international call through ITP VoIP all of these are metered plus. This means that ITP’s VoIP works like a traditional telephone as users are charged flat rates rather than per minute allotments.

itp voipThe pricing options for local and international call from ITP depends on their existing plans which include the following:

  • ITP

  • ITP Business Class

  • ITP Business Class Packages

The great thing about these plans is you no longer have to worry about reloading your international calling cards to enjoy an uninterrupted VoIP service. The ITP plans range from $8.32 and $19.99 for unlimited minutes as well as for the metered plus lines.

The ITP business class plans range from $29.99 to $34.99 per month while there are also ITP business class packages that offers you a specific number of minutes to enjoy international call to 60 countries all around the world. These plans may range from $24.99 up to $99.99 each month. There are also a wide range of add -ons for extra fee like the online fa for $9.99 a month, toll free number and much more.

Line Quality

The line quality being offered by ITP is excellent. A series of tests were conducted to examine the quality of calls made over the ITP network. Calls were made to mobile phones, landlines and other VoIP devices. Calls were also received from various sources as well. The result, it turned out that the voice quality was superb most especially on landline calls. There is no echo, feedback and incidence of fading out. Although there were tiny issues to the international calls made to mobile phones, all of these were amazingly clear. When calling other people on VoIP lines, the line quality is comparable to landline phones.


The ITP features are really beneficial, but not as distinct with other VoIP providers. However, there are a few stand out features like the free international call minutes upon signing up which can be up to 60 minutes. ITP also offers the wake up call feature that may not be vital for many users, but unique to ITP. On the entirety, the features being offered by ITP are more than adequate to meet residential and business needs.

Other features that can be found in ITP and can also be found in other providers are the following:

  • Voicemail

  • Call blocking (outbound)

  • Voicemail to email

  • Call forwarding

  • Three way calling

  • VIP ring

  • Call waiting

  • Follow me

  • Online account management


Customer Service

ITP takes pride in the quality of customer service that it can provide to its clients. Although there are many kinds of customer support being offered, the most impressive is the fastest email response. In fact, you can submit a report or post your concern via email and you will get responded in as fast as 30 minutes!

The response can be very direct and you will also find your original question included at the bottom of the email which makes their customer support email very contextual. Other than emails, you can also try the provider’s phone and website support.