Invisible SnapKeys Si to Replace the QWERTY Keyboard

Most mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets today make use of the touch-screen feature. However, there is now a question on the use of the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard as to its efficiency as developments continue to take place. Creators in the electronics industry are looking into better options to enhance the touch-screen functions of electronic devices that are out in the market. SnapKeys for example has come out with a new design for the touch-screen keyboard used on tablets and mobile phones.

The “predictive text” is the concept on which SnapKeys has based their idea about the new type of touch-screen phones. Users may now have an easier way of sending messages through SnapKeys’ feature application. Instead of the usual way of typing messages through entering each of the letters, users will only make use of four buttons consisting of three letters each. They still have the spacebar and the backspace feature but they are invisible in this new keyboard.


However, people will have to familiarize themselves with the 4 visible keys where the 12 letters are. Once they get used to it, they may be able to type in their messages even without looking at their keypads. SnapKeys Si takes charge of the rest that is needed as some of the keys are not displayed on the new keyboard. The “predictive texting” has provided more space for users to enjoy more space to view what is on their screen while they surf the net. Those who are able to work on the new keyboard may later type in their messages using the entire set of keys that are invisible.  They can then benefit from using their entire screen minus their keyboard.

Although this new innovation allows users to be able to maximize the use of their screens in terms of visibility as well as usability, its acceptance in the market remains to be seen. People have now a better option when using the Nimbuzz application in sending their messages via text. The company expects the initial reactions and comments from the first users of the Nimbuzz application through the use of the new SnapKeys Si keyboard.

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