International Calls for Free through Viber for PCs

There are more people today who prefer making use of Viber because the call quality is great and the interface is easy to use even for those who are not familiar with it. However, those who are enjoying the use of Viber’s VoIP service are individuals with Smartphone devices only. Those who have iPhones and Android Smartphone devices like those that are made by Nokia are able to make long distance calls or international calls through the services provided by Viber. This is one of the best features of having Smartphone devices today.

Other phones such as Blackberry and the Windows phones can be used but for sending text messages only. People who do not have Smartphone devices usually are not able to make use of the services provided by Viber. Although there are various pieces of information and tutorials about installing Viber services in PCs, people are not able to make it work and they are not able to make the international calls that they need to place. Those who are trying to make it work need to learn how to do it properly in order for them to make use of the VoIP services from Viber.

Technically speaking, there are people who are able to install Viber on their PCs but the problem is that they are not able to activate the use of the call services so they end up not being able to use it to make the calls to others. However, people should not lose hope as there is now a way for them to be able to make use of Viber on their PCs. They can follow the best tutorial that will enable them to hack the system so that they may be able to install Viber on their PCs.

What they need to do is to get the latest version of the BlueStacks Application Player. This is one of the best free Android application that is out in the market but people have to do it right in order for them to be able to install Viber and make use of it as well. Those who would like to do it correctly will have to follow the steps carefully.


Installing Viber on PCs

It is important that users read everything carefully before they start with the process. If they are able to do it correctly, they can install Viber in just about 5 minutes only. They can then make use of it for their international calls without any problem.

  • Users will have to download BlueStacks but they have to see to it that they get the latest version.
  • They can then install the application into their PCs once they have successfully downloaded BlueStacks.
  • Users will be seeing some instructions as they are on the process of installing the program. They will simply have to check the install box and the apps box to complete the process.
  • Once the installation process has been completed, they need to go to the BlueStacks Application Player and click on open. They will then have to click the Home button that they see at the center of the lower part of the Application Player.
  • The next step is to click the tab for “App Stores.”
  • Once they are into the App Stores, they will have to select “Mobile” and click it. Users will have to wait until it is loaded and then they will have to type “Viber” into the search icon before clicking it.
  • The Viber application will be shown and users will have to click on the download button. They simply have to wait until the application has completely been downloaded.
  • Users can then register their mobile phone numbers before clicking on “OK” but they have to wait for the message that would indicate their unique Viber code which they will have to use in the Viber for PC application.
  • After successfully going through this procedure, they can then make use of their Viber for PCs to make free international calls.
  • They may be able to make calls to all of their friends who are using Viber around the world for free.

People who would be encountering some problems like their voices are not being heard at the other end will have to follow the following steps in order to correct the problem.

  1. Users with call problems after installing Viber correctly will have to check whether their microphone is working. They may also make use of and external microphone in order to make sure that the people on the receiving end will be able to hear them.
  2. Those who will still have problems can do the process again by re-starting the installation of BlueStacks into their devices. They can then try to call their friends to see if they are able to connect and to talk to each other.

People are advised to check on the video that will be uploaded soon so that they may be able to follow the instruction correctly. They may be able to enjoy making free international calls once they are able to do it right with the guidance of the team members who have created these simple steps. Those who do not have the technical knowhow may be able to it too.

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