Integrating VoIP Applications Using Rebtel API

Being able to include VoIP services would be something that programmers would just love to do especially if they have some knowledge in integrating it into mobile phone applications. Some of the companies today have included this ability and now Rebtel is also providing free SDK that allows the integration of VoIP features into the applications being developed.

Rebtel has been providing VoIP services all over the world. The company has been one of the largest providers of call services since its creation in 2006. Today it serves about 17 million users in various countries. The applications that are offered by this company can be used on Smartphone devices and on PCs that are run on Windows. The latest product offering from Rebtel is the SDK which enable developers to just add the VoIP call features into the applications that they are creating.

rebtel voipThe SDK has been created with simple coding so developers do not really have to dig deep into API. Those who would like to make use this feature from the company will only have to register the application that they have created through an email sent to The developers will also receive more information and instructions once they are able to download the SDK. They can then just drag the available library feature into the directory of their project. After that, they can start making use of it.

Those who are using the Eclipse version of the Android will have to just copy the library and put it into the root directory of the project for them to avail of the VoIP features. Developers who are making use of IntelliJ will have to designate the library by clicking the “Add as Library” option. However, individuals or companies that are using the iOS will have to do a bit more than just dragging the library into their project as they need to have 3 frameworks of iOS. What they can do is to get into the “Frame Works” in their projects or they can use the “General Tab” which is found at the “Get Info” feature.

The developers can now add the 3 frameworks that they need (AVFoundation. Framework; AudioToolbox.framework; and Security.framework).  Aside from these, they have to make use of linkers (-ObjC –lstdc++) as well as background modes which they can get from Info.plist so that they may be able to include the application into their project. There are also other companies that are offer this kind of feature capability but Rebtel has made it easier for developers to make use of.

Other companies that offer SDK include Twilio as well as Vax VoIP but the integration process is more complicated. Those who would like to take advantage of VaxVoice for example will still need to have a compiler for the Xcode projects. Most developers would rather opt for the simpler one that works on iOS and on Android too.

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