InTalk Review

VoIP telephony has been a part of every household and business these days. There can be no doubt about this as VoIP can really make people save lots of money on their international call bills. One of the premier company that can provide this service is inTalk, a subsidiary company of another big name in telecommunications, Nextiva.

Call Rate

inTalk is a business VoIP provider that lets you enjoy unlimited international call each time at residential costs. The great thing is that there is no activation fee letting you save more on your phone bills. inTalk VoIP plans are also intended for small businesses who are searching for the lowest price on unlimited calls to Canada, US, Puerto Rico as well as other parts of the world depending on inTalk international rates.

inTalk offers two plans that truly offers the best possible rates for business consumers. These are the following:

  • Unlimited Annual

  • Unlimited Monthly

intalkThe unlimited annual plan offers unlimited outgoing and incoming minutes for as low as $16.25 or $195 per year. The unlimited monthly plan offers the same, but it does not involve a yearly contract. This plan costs around $19.95 each month.

For international call rates, inTalk can offer you a cheap call to Dominican Republic at $0.059 and $0.138 for mobile. Other rates include $0.066 for India and the other rates can be seen at inTalk’s comprehensive website.

Line Quality

As an auxiliary company of Nextiva, inTalk belongs to the top VoIP provider all over the world. It takes its pride in giving professional grade VoIP service most especially in its business plans. It is also among the top companies under the CFO or Carbon Free Organization that provides environmentally friendly VoIP services.

Also, the technology that inTalk have is truly very impressive. The voice quality is crystal clear and it provides all its clients the support that they need in each call they make. The service engineers have done a good job in letting inTalk deliver smart and quick service. The hosted technology behind inTalk is simply ahead of its competitors.


inTalk provides an impressive list of features that are distinct to what other VoIP providers offer. If you are planning to avail of this service, you should be aware of its cool list of features such as the following:

  • Unlimited minutes

  • Voicemail and VM to email

  • Caller ID

  • Call Hold

  • Call Waiting

  • Simultaneous Ring

  • Three -way conference

  • Call Screening

  • E911 Service

  • Contact List

  • Speed Dial

  • Online Account Management

These are the list of the interesting features that you can get hold when availing of inTalk VoIP service. If you are planning to use its VoIP service, please be aware that it does not provide toll free numbers.

Customer Service


inTalk shares its support interface with Nextiva, its parent company. The phone support can be accessed only from Monday to Friday from 6AM to 6PM, mountain time. The biggest advantage of inTalk’s support is their short time for holds during phone service. You will not experience waiting for more than 2 minutes as you will be attended promptly.

Although 24/7 support is not available, all its customer service representatives are competent, pleasant and you will definitely be satisfied with the high level of support that you can get. You can also get the help that you need from its professional website that will bring you to its help center, testimonials and help center page.

At inTalk, every client is a priority and this is what makes it outstanding among other VoIP companies out there.