Importance of Consumer Reviews

Before buying any product or paying for a service, people would want to try it first as much as possible. People have to make sure that they are paying for something that is working or something that would meet their needs. However, there are lots of products and services that are not fully functional unless they have been paid for. Customers of video games for rent may give it a try first before paying but for other types of products, people have to pay first before they can check the quality and the functionality.

Despite this limitation though, there are means of making an assessment of the products or the services before buying them. People who have really tried using the product may give their testimonials so that others may have an idea of the workability or the functionality of an item. “The customers are always right” may be considered especially when there are several of them who say the same thing about the same items that they have bought and used. Advertisements may sound or look very convincing but people have to be careful and seek more information before they actually part with their hard earned money.

customer reviews People may have read the latest press release from GlobeNewswire which talks about magicJack, a popular VoIP service provider. According to the press release, the company topped in all of the categories which included quality, usability, billing practices as well as pricing and value. There have been various reviews about magicJack like WhichVoIP that may have a different opinion about the products and services from this particular provider. Users were asked to rate the product/service from an overall rating which is equivalent to 2 out of 5 – 5 out of 5.

MagicJack users were also given the chance to provide their comments as part of the review. People will have to check what is in the commentary as most customers who are not satisfied will write honestly about it. Positive comments may only be very short but negative comments may take some space as dissatisfied customers vent out their frustration. People may read as many consumer reviews as much as possible about in order for them to be able to assess it correctly before actually buying it.

Although magicJack devices work, some people may find some inconveniences in the product/services that are provided by the company. People have to consider several factors when they encounter a problem. They have to think about the state of the current computer that they are using as well as the speed of their net connection. Sometimes people may hear some sort of “robotic voice” while talking to someone but this may be caused by the slow internet connection and not from the product/service itself.

Some magicJack customers have also complained about the kind of customer support that the company is providing. However, people have to take note of the quality of their internet connection as it can affect the delivery of the services that they need from customer support. The company may not be able to do anything if the problem comes out because of bad internet. Some customers may not have expected that the prices do changes after a year of using the services but they would take a closer look, the change in price is not that much.

With these things to consider, people who would like to make sure that they are getting quality products or services for their money will have to make evaluations based on consumer reviews.

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