iCall Review

iCall is one of the leading companies providing exceptional VoIP service for free and competitive pricing. It develops and distributes a software that delivers PC based, browser based as well as mobile video calling and chat service. It is not only for personal use, but applies for businesses as well with its wide range of features.

Call Rate

iCall allows you to make an international call in the least expense or no cost at all. A free iCall account gives you lots of privileges as it lets you place international call to any iCall users from the rest of the world. This software also makes you enjoy not only voice calls, but instant messaging as well as video chat.Amazingly, you can also call any Canadian or US phone for free regardless of where you are in the world. You can also receive calls with your extension or access number and conduct conference calls that include up to 10 persons without having to pay for anything.

icallWhen availing of iCall’s paid services, you will be glad to know that it offers one of the best international call rates among VoIP providers. For example, a mobile call to Australia will cost 11.7 cents a minute and a landline call will be charged at 1.8 cents. Availing of special services will cost about 2.6 cents per minute.

A mobile call to India will cost you a.5 cents per minute and international calls to landline will be charged 1.9 cents a minute. The rates can be so competitive that you would always feel you are getting the best value out of your money.

Line Quality

iCall allows you to receive and make free international call as well as very cheap international calls through your devices. Basically, iCall for desktop, mobile and web are free of cost for calls in Canada and US and limited to five minutes each call. Should you wish to upgrade and remove all limitations, you would have to pay a small amount.

Regardless whether you are to make free or paid calls, you can always place high definition and high quality international call each time. It also supports several platforms and devices such as iPad Touch, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Ubuntu, Android and much more.

Since iCall works on 3G or 4G connections on mobile phones, there will be chances that the speed and quality will be affected according to your location and signal strength.


With iCall, you can connect with other people from all parts of the world with ease and pleasure. Whether you prefer communicating via your mobile or your computer, iCall can make all things a lot easier with its cool features.

Its HD voice calling feature lets you make and receive domestic and international phone calls on your computer and mobile phones. With the HD quality of the audio, you will never come back to your regular phone again. With iCall, you can customize all our calling preferences and can set up other awesome features such as voicemail transcriptions.


There are a lot more features being offered by iCall and these are the features that you would not want to miss.

Customer Service

At iCall, all clients not only think that the services and products are amazing, but also its commitment to giving the best communication experience. But since it is related to technology, it is unavoidable that issues and problems will arise. When things like this happens, iCall make sure that they will fix it and that each client will get superior customer support that clients expect and deserve.

iCall’s support network is sectioned into various categories to make everything easy and convenient to clients. If you wish to speak with iCall’s agent, just call them and they will always be willing to give the best help.

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