Hurricane Sandy Affected Local Access Numbers According to Pingo

The general public especially the subscribers of Pingo is hereby being informed of the heavy impact that Hurricane Sandy has caused. The disaster has left severe damages that caused power failures and system damages all over the country. The Pingo team is currently working overtime to get all systems up and running for the benefit of all of their customers.

Despite the efforts of the companies in resolving the technical problems, customers will still be experiencing problems with the use of their Local Access numbers because of connectivity issues. The Pingo team members do not have any reliable estimate when all of their systems will be put in place because of the heavy damage that has been sustained by their communication systems. However, the company assures their customers that they can still make use of Pingo toll-free access numbers as of this time.

The company wishes to express their sincerest apologies to all of their customers who are not able to make full use of the services that they have chosen. The Pingo team is doing all of their best in finding solutions in order for people to enjoy their Local Access numbers just like before. They are also appealing to their customers to provide any feedback especially if they are having problem with their Pingo Local access number. The team is very much willing to help them with their problems.

The Pingo team would like to express their appreciation to all customers who are very patient in trying to understand the situation that has been caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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