HelloFax for Free Fax around the World

9HDXSD39NGJ8 Sending documents and other important papers around the world is no longer a problem as people may do it even without a fax machine. The best part is that people can send it for free as well. Individuals and business owners may be able to take advantage of this offer only from HelloFax. People know lots of information about making international calls or sending text messages for free but only a few know about faxing services that they can avail of for free too .

HelloFaxHelloFax provides solution to those who are having trouble with sending documents through fax machines. Customers are allowed to make use of the fax services up to 50 times each month without paying anything. They can also send their documents to any part of the world.

More info on HelloFax

People are assured that they are dealing with safe online- fax service provider. They do not have to worry about the information that they give because the company takes measures in order to keep it confidential and that the details will not be shared or sold to other companies. People may have used the same services as before when HelloFax was still working with Microsoft. Those who registered with the company by using accounts under Microsoft such as Hotmail or Rediff-mail were able to avail of the fax services for free.

However, HelloFax and Microsoft today are no longer working as partners. HelloFax now have opted to offer the same services to their users for free so that they may be able to save money. Those who are interested in making use of the fax services for free have to register with the company by using their email ID.

Important features

  • Unlimited sending of fax anywhere using any number through the facilities offered by HelloFax.
  • Users are given 50 chances each month to send fax for free.
  • Users may also select from the various plans that are being offered by HelloFax.
  • Sending and receiving faxed materials and documents is very easy and very convenient.
  • Customers may also do online editing on the document that they will send when needed.
  • Customers simply fill out the online forms in order for them to be able to use the fax services.
  • They can send their documents in various formats like PDF, word document and they can also send it with images as well.

Using the fax services

People do not need to be computer experts in order for them to make use of the fax services that are being offered by HelloFax. They only have to follow a few easy-to-understand steps and they are on their way of making use of paperless communications.

  1. HelloFax users will have to get to the webpage of the company so that they can create their accounts.
  2. They would need their email ID and they need to provide other important details.
  3. After filling out the online form, they can upload their file and provide the number of the recipient of the faxed document.
  4. They simply have to click send and their documents are off to its destination.

People do not have to buy fax machines anymore as they can make use of their computers for their faxing needs. They do not have to experience any hassle or wait for a very long time in order to make use of the services.

Earning free fax services

HelloFax users can also be earning free fax services if they actively do some small tasks for the service provider. They can for example earn 5 free fax services if they Tweet about HelloFax or if they invite one of their friends to make use of the fax services too. There are still other ways how customers or users of HelloFax will be able to earn as many free fax services that they can make use of for their personal or for their business needs.

For more information about HelloFax, people can check the company’s webpage so that they can avail of the free fax around the world services.

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