Google Voice Review

Google Voice is one of the telecommunications platforms today having millions of consumers. Its VoIP service is exceptional as it is maintained and configured by its application designed after its email service. With such, millions of users may now place domestic and international call from their PC and mobile with its web based application or by simply calling other Google Voice number.

Call Rate

Basically, you will enjoy the cheapest international call rate from Google Voice. Currently, domestic and outbound phone calls to Canada and US including Hawaii and Alaska are free from Canada and US and are charged for as low as $0.01 a minute from any other location.

The international call that you make through Google Voice is billed depending on the rate list posted on the Google Voice site as the rates may change at any point. I must say, Google Voice rates are one of the lowest so far as you can make a call to France mobile for as low as 10 cents per minute. The same rate applies to Germany mobile while other VoIP international call service provider may charge you as much as 25 cents for the same

You can also enjoy a very cheap call to India mobile via Google Voice with its 2 cents per minute rate while a call to Mexico will cost around 15 cents per minute which is already cheaper with the other leading VoIP provider that charges more than 30 cents per minute for international calls to Mexico.

With such cheap rates for each international call you make, it is beyond doubt that Google Voice is the answer to your expensive phone bills.

Line Quality

The great thing about Google Voice is that it can unify all your communication needs as you can be called on various phones with just one telephone number. With such integration, the calling experience with Google Voice can be more user friendly and streamlined.

Also, the line quality is superb compared to other VoIP telephony providers. The line was superb each time you make a domestic or international call. All you have to do is to enter the number you have to call and it makes the call, fast and easy. The voice on the other line is tremendously clear and even though you have crappy speakers or a microphone, it will work very well.


Google Voice offers a huge array of features for its clients like the voice transcription. This lets you transcript voice calls into text messages so that you will no longer have to listen to all your voicemail in order. Its VoIP service also offers call conference service which can include as many as four persons at the same time.

Another cool feature is call recording which is perfect for business people. But then, this feature is only possible with incoming calls. Other interesting features include notifications of missed calls, PC to phone SMS, call forwarding, caller identifications, integration into Google Talk and Gmail as well as tons of mobile applications.

Customer Service


In actuality, Google Voice does not offer a direct contact number for phone support. But then, you an always visit their website and make the best use of its Help Center. All your questions and concerns will be provided with the right solutions. You can also make use of its comprehensive FAQs page for all the issues that may arise with your service.

Official Google forums can also be a reliable source of support as you will be engaging with other Google Voice users as well as the experts in VoIP telephony. Hence, there is no need to worry since you will always get the best assistance.

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