Google Nexus 7 Review

The latest Google tablet in the market which is the Nexus 7 is running on Android 4.2 OS. This new device in the market has been seen to be competing with the various gadgets that are out. Nexus 7 tops other features of various products that are offering usability options. This new tablet has been created with a 16 GB memory for the price of $199 only. The 32 GB version is also made available in the market with a $249 price. Those who would like to avail of the HSPA+ for their 32 GB version will have to pay a little more as it is priced at $299.

The optional HSPA+ feature in the tablet provides Nexus 7 the edge among the tablets being offered to users. The leathery grip also makes it the best hand held device as it renders comfort to anyone using it. Users may find it very easy and comfortable to hold the Nexus 7 as it sits perfectly in their hands at the same time it is supported by the thicker top and by the thicker bottom edges as well.

Users of the Nexus 7 tablet may enjoy this 7-inch device that comes with great capacity given its processor (1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3) and with its RAM (1 GB). They may also enjoy the said features especially with the tablet’s display resolution (1,280 by 800). However, people may notice that the display screen may not be that glossy and attractive just like what Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD tablets are offering. Despite this setback, the Nexus 7 outshines what Apple iPad Mini is offering when it comes to the quality of images and texts that are displayed on the screen. Users may also enjoy high quality videos through its pixel density.

Google has also made some useful additional feature especially with the latest Android 4.2 OS. Users may see more interfaces as well as applications in this new version. Google has integrated the new applications in order to provide better experiences for all users of Nexus 7. People may now check the new features included like “Google Now,” “Gesture Type,” as well as “Daydreams.” Users may find these features really impressive and functional.

People who are looking for utility and for value have to consider what Nexus 7 is offering. This latest tablet is the best one yet in the market today. Users will also find it incomparable even with the iPad Mini when it comes to performance and its battery life. People may think of the prices being offered for the quality of features that they will get. They do not have to pay so much as they can have an even better deal if they know exactly what they are paying for. Users can also give the Nimbuzz experience a try so that they may know what it is like to have richer texts and images on their display screens too.

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