Globe7 Review

Globe 7 is another innovator when it comes to free and cheap communication from and to all parts of the world using any device. It is one of the companies that will deliver clients excellent features with unrivaled precision. It is one outstanding provider of digital telecommunications technology that you should watch for.

Call Rate

Globe 7 can help you make free international call to any country in the world with its PC to PC call feature. It also lets you make the cheapest call to UK, France, Mexico and other countries without having to worry about purchasing international calling cards every time.

You can make free international call to any destination through Globe 7’s web phone. With such, you no longer have to download any application as you can place a call through the website itself. All you have to do is to click the link on the website and you can enjoy making an unlimited international call to any location you desire.

Globe7You can also download the Globe 7 application on your laptops or desktops. But then, Globe 7 is not only about PC to PC calling as you can place international calls from your PC to mobile and regular phones as well as mobile to mobile calls. For instance, you can make cheap call to India for as low as 2.09 cents per minute on landline phones. The rate for a call to India through mobile may reach up to 3.5 cents a minute.

In some cases, calls to India may be as low as 1.9 cents per minute. This is just one of the example as there are plenty of very good rates from Globe 7 to any destination.

Line Quality

Although Globe 7 is giving away free and cheap call rates, it does not mean that the quality is affected. With this provider, you will experience superior quality of voice anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why it is better than other VoIP providers available in the market today.

True voice quality is the strongest point of Globe 7 and you will never feel annoyed with any disturbances and interruptions that you may experience with other VoIP provider. Its unmatched line quality can truly make your communication more enjoyable.

Globe 7 is developed in partnership with acoustic professionals providing each client outstanding voice quality.


Globe 7 utilizes VoIP technology each time you make an international call. This lets you make international call from your PC to another PC, PC to mobile and mobile to another mobile. It has a lot of distinct features making it more preferred by most clients worldwide.


It is totally easy and convenient to use as the applications are not hard to configure and the software will work just fine. Using the application, you can easily save your contact numbers and make direct calls from any of your device. It also has many utilities that will help you make secure communication. With Globe 7, all your calls are encrypted and extremely secure.

You can also enjoy conference chat apart from VoIP voice calls and you can also select the language that you wish to use while navigating the Globe 7 application for a more comfortable communication.

Customer Service

If you are having troubles with your Globe 7 application, or you have any concerns about the service, all you have to do is to take a look at its website to get the information that you need. You can also submit a report or post any question that you may have on its support page. You just have to fill in the online form providing all the needed information and a Globe 7 representative will surely get back to you in the soonest time possible.