Global Call Forwarding Review

Businesses can grow with VoIP international call forwarding. With this, customers from all over the world can reach businesses without cost at all. Plus, these calls can be forwarded to any existing telephone lines for an easy and hassle free call forwarding.

Call Rate

With the GlobalCallForwarding VoIP service, you can actually expand your business, boosts your sales and be locally accessible to all your clients from all parts of the globe at no charge. You can unleash all the possibilities by taking advantage of the solutions being offered by GlobalCallForwarding.

This telecom company has lots of interesting plans to offer its business clients and they can start from as low as $5.95 up to $195.95 platinum plans. With GCF’s plans, their business phone service can be cut in half while they can enjoy unlimited domestic call as well as international call to the rest of the world.

global call forwardingThgre cheapest plan is the standard plan which includes no inclusive minutes and charges are based per usage. In order to get the best idea how much this plan would cost, see how a call from the US to the UK will be charged using GlobalCallForwarding VoIP. Through their network and under the standard plan, international call to the UK will cost around $0.08 for regular phone lines and $0.18 to $0.46 to mobile networks.

The platinum plan which is the most expensive of all the available plans include 4260 inclusive minutes and additional minutes beyond the allotted number of minutes will be charged lower than compared when you are subscribed to the standard plan.

There are a lot of options for cheap international call if you avail of GCF’s plans so there can also be more savings.

Line Quality

If you are searching for the best quality VoIP international call forwarding service company, you have surely come to the right provider and there can be no reason why you should look for another. The VoIP service that GCF can deliver will provide you with all the required international call forwarding service at the highest quality.

Whether you are searching for local numbers from all parts of the globe, virtual numbers or toll free numbers, this company has it all just for you in order to meet your business needs. Aside from the fact that the VoIP international call forwarding being offered by GCF is of the highest quality, they are also totally affordable. They can meet the needs of small businesses and giant corporations.


You can definitely get more with your GCF VoIP international call forwarding service. It offers a wide range of special features that will allow you to personalize your service so that it ill suit your particular needs. In short, you can customize your plans to how, when you want it regardless of your location. Some of these features are the following:

  • Advanced forwarding

  • Rollover minutes

  • Forward fax

  • White and black lists

  • Simultaneous Ringing

  • Customized greeting

  • Voicemail to email

  • Account management

global call forwarding2

All of these features are enough to make you get your GlobalCallForwarding number today.

Customer Service

One of the vital aspects of GCF is its exceptional customer service that is at far with other VoIP international call forwarding company. This company can guarantee that they will always have people and resources to help you with any question and concern that you may have. One perfect resource is its FAQs page that will give you all the essential details you need about the service.

If you want immediate help, you can contact them via their toll free number, email and live chat. Any of these methods will give you prompt response from GCF’s service specialist.

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