Fring Review

Fring is a soft phone VoIP service that you should take a look at. What makes Fring different to many VoIP providers out on the market?

Call Rate

Basically, Fring is a very wonderful VoIP service that lets you enjoy free international call via VoIP telephony. The only thing is that it is a mobile application unlike with many other PC based services. Using the Fring software to place calls abroad is such a great thing since you do not have to pay for the software and the service as well.

Just think about having a skype on your PC. This app can allow you to make free calls to other PC and reduce the cost of your calls to landline and mobile phones. But then, Fring does not only provide free international call to other PCs as it also to mobile phone users. Since this is the case, you can really save a lot on your international calls.

fringHowever, it is required that the person you are calling also have Fring installed on their devices. When using the service, you will not be charged for international calling, but on data charges. However, if you are using the Wifi hotspot in your area then the cost will be nothing.

You can also make use of Fring to make calls to regular lines at the lowest possible rates. A call to Brazil using paid Fring service will cost around 2.9 cents on landline and 23.6 cents if you are calling mobile phones. The rates can be incredibly low depending on the country you are calling. But one thing for sure, this eliminates the need to buy or refill international calling cards each time.

Line Quality

Since Fring works over the GPRS and 3G networks, it is required that you have a mobile device that utilizes these technology otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the service Fring has to offer. With this provider, you can enjoy great line quality given your data networks are strong enough to accommodate your VoIP call. With this, you will have to invest on a mobile phone with 3G functionality.

GPRS phones can do so, but since 3G is way much better than GPRS, you may experience inconsistencies when it comes to the quality of every international call that you make. With GPRS, connections can be slower and there can be reduced quality. But then, most people these days have 3G phones so Fring can be a big advantage when it comes to VoIP mobile communications.


When it comes to the features, Fring can surely give anyone a nice experience. One of the best features this VoIP has to offer is its interoperability with other VoIP services like the following:

  • MSN Messenger

  • Skype

  • Google Talk

  • Twitter

  • Gizmo

  • VoIPStunt


The software used to by Fring VoIP is also capable of auto configuration whenever there is a Wifi hotspot within range making roaming possible without a hassle. In order to increase the quality of calls, Fring also offers additional features like its P2P network.

Customer Service

Apart from the wonderful international calling experience though your mobile, you can also get hold of satisfying customer service. If you have questions about Fring, you can go online and scan the answers from their FAQs page. If you have a specific question, you can enter it in the search box provided and you will be presented with relevant answers. In case you are not satisfied with the service, you can go ahead and ask a Fring agent via email and you can do this by clicking on the envelope icon below the Fring support page.

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