FreeCreditPhone Review

Are you looking for a company that can help you make free and cheap phone calls to the rest of the world regardless of where you are? Then, FreeCreditPhone can definitely help you make this happen with its unique and exciting VoIP offerings that will truly make you save more than your regular phone line.

Call Rate

Primarily, you can make free international call if you make use of FreeCreditPhone. With free internet phone calls from your PC or mobile, you can enjoy the best experience this provider has to offer. The great thing about this is that you can place free international call as much as you like from several devices like your landline, PC and mobile whether you are using an Android or iOS, Blackberry device and others.

FreeCreditPhone also offers cheap international call to anywhere in the world. This VoIP provider makes it easier and more cost effective to connect with your family and friends overseas by eliminating the inconvenience that international calling cards may bring. By using its VoIP service in every international call that you make, you can save as much as 90% on all your international call costs.

freecreditphoneFor instance, you can actually call Canada using the FreeCreditPhone VoIP service for as low as $0.00529. You can also make cheap call to Mexico by using this provider as you only have to pay $0.016 per minute. Sign up for FreeCreditPhone VoIP and you will also have the chance to get free credits.

Line Quality

FreeCreditPhone is not only the perfect solution to lower down your international calling bills. This provider also lets you get connected to anywhere in the world while enjoying the best line quality. You can rely on this company for good voice quality calls free from static noise. Each time you dial, you will experience seamless connections that you will be pleased about.

FreeCredit Phone understands the need of every client and that they are searching for VoIP providers that can deliver quality connections similar to traditional telephone lines could deliver. With the kind of service this company can provide, you can put an end to hefty phone bills and poor quality connections.


With FreeCreditPhone, you can make free and extremely affordable international call to countries all around the globe. You can do this from your devices such as our iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and others. It is also very rich in features such as the iPhone soft phone that is specially designed to make VoIP calls through your iPhone device the easy way. This also lets you use your iPhone to connect to other mobile phones and regular landlines. The iPhone soft phone can also be used in iPod touch so you can place an international call with such device using VoIP telephony.

The iPhone soft phone is one of the well known FreeCreditPhone offerings and it consists of cool features like the following:

  • Call timer

  • Silence suppression

  • Receiving and making calls

  • Credit time display

  • Redial

  • Speaker / Mute

  • Touch tone


FreeCreditPhone can also be used via Android devices and the major advantage of this is that Android VoIP offers a large customer base who can now place cheap international call using their regular mobile devices.

Customer Service

FreeCreditPhone treat their clients with high regard. They always make sure that all their clients are well taken care of. In case of questions and any problems that arise, the full FAQs page can be your best source of information. You can also get hold of ways to contact them by going to their ‘Contact Us” page. All your needs will be attended giving you a good experience while enjoying their service.