Free Vbuzzer Download: Free VoIP Calls for Android

Most people today would like to cut down on the costs of calls that they have to make every now and them. Android users may check what Vbuzzer has to offer so that they may take advantage of it for their personal needs or for their business needs. Vbuzzer is one of the newest VoIP providers that offers free call features to those who are using Android phones. Uses may now make calls with the best voice quality and they can enjoy the services for free or for really very low rates through their internet connection.

Using Vbuzzer application

People may be able to make use of the services of Vbuzzer through softphones and through telephone networks all over the world. They only need to have their devices that are run by version 2.1 Android OS, Smartphone or tab as well. Users also need to have an internet connection such as 3G network or a Wi-Fi network. Those who would like to make use of the Vbuzzer application will have to download it so that they can register.

Once they have successfully done that, they can check their headsets and try the sound functions on their Android phones. They can then start making calls for free. Users from the Middle East have to download the Vbuzzer Middle East Version in order for them to be able to call this place.

vbuzzerVbuzzer application features

People can make Vbuzzer to Vbuzzer calls for free anytime that they want. Callers and receivers only need to register so that they may be able to make use of the services for free. They will be given their own internal phone numbers which they will use each time that they need to call. Users may also be able to make the calls by entering the phone numbers assigned to Vbuzzer USA or Canada.

Those who will not be able to talk with the person may leave a voice message which will be forwarded to his or to her email address that is registered with the company. People who need to make calls to other places will not have much problem paying as the call rates are really low. Vbuzzer has its own network for all of its users but their application is also compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo too.

Other important features

Those who are calling mobile phones from other countries and those who are making calls to persons who are not registered with Vbuzzer only have to pay very low call rates. Users simply have to log-in to Vbuzzer in order for them to make calls from their contact list. They may also be able to make some adjustments of voice volume, call display option as well as the call forwarding option too. Users may also enjoy sending as well as receiving their multimedia files.

People may also make use of the fax feature at very affordable rates just like skype. Those who would like to call mobile phones from their PCs may also avail of the VoIP services at very affordable rates but with a good audio quality. Skype users may find the applications and features of Vbuzzer almost at the same level but the difference in rates is evident. However people may consider using Vbuzzer VoIP services because of quality and special unique features but at more affordable rates.