Free Internet Calls

There are several ways how people can make calls over the internet for free. Although most of the time, these free internet calls are available to those who are in the US and in Canada, there are also providers who make it possible for other to make international calls through the use of a special software. There are also programs that allow people to make calls from their personal computers to landlines or to mobile phones.

These programs can be used to make long distance calls and these also have provisions for home phones to be connected so that people can also avail of the free calls. People only need to download the software that they need in order to make use of the free phone calls or they can also do it through a soft phone from an online call service provider.

However, users have to take note that they cannot make use of their internet calls for emergency purposes or to call 911. In case they would need to make this call, they will have to use their landline phones or their mobile phones instead. They may use a VoIP call service which have been approved to be used for 911 calls such as those provided by Vonage.

free international calls

  1. Google Voice

One of the best ways to make internet phone calls for free is Google Voice. Since September of 2011, people have enjoyed the free calls that they can make through their PCs. They are able to make calls from PC to phones by using a browser plug-in (Google Talk) and they can also make PC to PC call for free as well.

There is much more that people can enjoy not just making free internet calls. They are able to manage all of their phone numbers conveniently and they can route all of their incoming calls to the phone number that has been provided by Google Voice for free.  Aside from the calls, people can also send SMS or conduct a conference call plus voice mail services too, all for free.

Those who would like to make use of the free internet calls from Google Voice have call numbers within the US or within Canada. The application can be used on any browsers even mobile browsers too especially for those who are using Android, Blacberry or iPhone devices. Users can make use of the Google Voice free internet call for three hours only. However, they may be able to continue using the call services several times.

  1. iCall

People can also try using iCall through the software that is provided for free. Users can call phones from their PCs and they can make international calls for free too. People who would like to make free international calls have to be in the US or in Canada as those who are out of these countries may not be able to make use of the call services.

The iCall can be used as desktop applications for those who are using Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. This iPhone application can be used for free. Users have to be aware though that their calls will be cut off after five minute call duration. They may continue to use the free call services several times by dialing the number again. People may also hear a short (10 seconds) advertisement before they get connected with the number that they are calling. The company also offers a flash-based version through their website but people may avail of three minute calls only.

  1. EvaPhone

Another way how people can make internet calls for free is to do it through EvaPhone. However, people can only make short calls from their PC as the calls go through the Flash-based interface that is found in the company’s website. What is good about using the free call services of EvaPhone is that people can make use of it to make international calls for free.

Although the time duration of the international calls is relatively very short, nevertheless, people are able to do it without paying anything. The call duration ranges anywhere from 10 seconds – 1 minute depending on the call destination. Users can only make up to 2 calls a day. Before getting connected, people will have to view a video advertisement and then a timer will be set in order to remind people how long they can talk before getting disconnected.

Using EvaPhone may not be the best way to get in touch with people around the world but for those who really need to say something quickly without worrying about long distance charges, then they can make use of this call services for free. There are still other providers of PC to PC calls for free like Yahoo! Voice, Windows Live Messenger and skype.

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