Foocall Review

You can really place cheap international calls through your mobile device through FoocCall. So, if you make international call most of the times and you have a phone contract along with a particular minute bundle, then FooCall is the application for you. Its VoIP services also let you make use of your computer and from your landline telephone. With this application, making cheap international call is so easy.

Call Rate

With Foocall, making cheap international call is easy as it can be used through your mobile, PC and other devices. Its VoIP service is something that is exceptional due to its competitive pricing. You do not have to deal with contracts, monthly fees as well as connection fees as you will only get cheap international call each time you dial. Plus, you will also have the chance to get free credits once you sign up.

In case you do not have a smartphone, you can still make use of Foocall of purchasing an international calling card. The call rates are also very cost effective as you can make cheap call to Panama from the US for as low as 20 cents per minute. If you wish to keep updated of the Foocall rates for international calls, all you have to do is to visit the company website and stay up to date with its VoIP call rates.

foocallLine Quality

Foocall is one VoIP service that you should avail even though you do not place international call regularly. It should be somewhere sitting on your PC or your mobile. So that when you need to make a call, it will be easily accessible.

The line quality is similar to what you will experience when you make regular landline calls. It is just that at most times, it is clearer and definitely more affordable. Placing an international call is also a breeze since it only takes a few seconds to process a call. All you have to do is to set up your Foocall account and can dial any number that you wish. In just moments, you will be connected and this is how fast, easy and superb it is to place overseas calls over the FooCall network.


It is undeniable that FooCall can offer low rates on international calls but its features make these calls even more cost effective. Basically, you can avail of two plans such as the:

  • FooPlan

  • FooPlan+

The FooPlan is available at no monthly fees which let you enjoy cheap international call to anywhere in the globe. The FooPlan+ is a plan that involves a small fee but lets you save more than the free FooPlan. For instance you can make cheap call to China with the FooPlan at 2 cents per minute. But with FooPlan+, you can make the same call for as low as 1.5 cents per minute.


The best thing with FooCall is that it can be used for a number of devices such as iOS, Android Blackberry and Windows. Plus, you do not even need to get connected to the WiFi network to avail of cheap international calls. But then, you cannot only make use of FooCall on your mobile devices as you can also make cheap VoIP international call from your landline and your computer.

Customer Service

Foocall’s customer service will surely bring you to a brighter light. In case you have questions or concerns about the rates, services, plans and everything about FooCall, just visit the website and you will get the help that you need from Foocall’s support page. It contains all the relevant information and even video tutorials that will help you get started making cheap international call through FooCall.

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