Fone2 Review

If you are looking around for the best way to save when placing an international call, then Fone2 can be your fast and easy solution. It is an iPhone application that lets you make a smart decision on how to take the best route when placing an international call. It provides low cost and variety of services so that you can get value out of your calls.

Call Rate

You may be still wondering what is Fone2 and why you should start utilizing it when making international calls. Well, Fone2 is a prepaid telecommunication service that uses the most up to date technology to divert all your calls to the right destination in a cost effective destination without sacrificing call quality.

fone2In actuality, you can make cheap international call during daytime or nighttime at a single low cost pricing. There are no hidden charges involved as all the rates are competitive. For instance, you can make international calls from Australia to US for as low as 2 cents each minute or if you are from the UK, you can place an international call to India or Australia for as low as one pound per minute.

The rates are competitive and you will always see the up to date Fone2 VoIP rates at the company website.

Line Quality

Fone2 is designed with its clients in mind. Although it is a very well known application for iPhone and iOS device, Fone2 works with any of your regular telecom networks and existing telephone line without the need to perform any technical adjustments. Thus, the VoIP service offered by Fone2 is not that restricted.

The quality of the calls is also amazing! The connection is crystal clear and you will be so satisfied that you paid such a low rate to achieve that crystal clear voice quality. Thus, you will surely save on your calls and that means you will get the best worth out of your money.Fone2 is a high class low cost telecom service that will aid you in saving money on all of your international call.


Fone2 provides a lot of interesting features to its clients. One is the softphone program that can be set up on your computer so that you make phone calls like you are using a real telephone. However, you do not need to have a phone line, but only an Internet connection. With this feature, you can place your cheap international call from your computer to a telephone line or from your telephone to your computer or between two soft phone enabled PCs.

This great app also let you use the “Sim Dialer” feature. It includes a small device that you will attach on your current SIM card which let you make cheap international call over the wireless network. It is very easy and convenient to use making it a reliable option for Fone2 users.


Apart from the balance check, speed dial options and many others, the Fone2 app also features the call back option which tells the system that your device wish to call that a certain number trough the web and it bridges the call when the called party answered.

Customer Service

If you wish to know more about Fone2 and its VoIP services, you can get the best information from its website that contain details on its services. It also has a complete list of the available rates as well as a complete FAQs page where you could get hold of the most valuable information about Fone2 VoIP. If you wish to contact Fone2, you may do so 24/7 through their toll free numbers or send them an email.