Evaphone Review

There are a lot of VoIP companies out there that provide cheap rates when it comes to placing an international call. However, you will be more surprised to know that there are actually providers such as Evaphone that lets users enjoy free international call through its VoIP solutions.

Call Rate

Evaphone is definitely the solution for those who wish to cut off on the costs of their monthly bills that often blows up due to international calls. With Evaphone, you can actually make use of the regular phone networks regardless of the location so long as you have a dependable Internet service provider that helps you prevent skyrocketing bills due to overseas call charges.

EvaPhoneIn short, Evaphone VoIP calls are actually free of charge! Thus, you no longer have to calculate for the cheapest rates as you can place any international call without a nominal fee. The Evaphone website allows everyone to place PC to telephone overseas calls. All that you need to begin is your computer with a reliable Internet connection and you can readily enjoy its VoIP telephony services without having to pay for anything.

This can give you a boost on your savings for international calls can be really costly. With Evaphone, you will not only reduce the cost of your overseas calls, but you can totally eliminate the cost. You cannot only make cheap international call to India or any parts of the world as you can make it free of any charge.

Line Quality

Internet phone calls is such as a reliable option for many consumers these days. Fortunately, there is Evaphone which offers a wonderful solution to let users make high quality VoIP calls to anywhere in the world without charge.

Basically, Evaphone comes with both free and paid VoIP services, but there is no difference with the call quality. The line quality is fantastic even it is an international call that you are placing over the network. Also, you do not need to download anything to experience superb quality international call and there is no need for international cards either. All you need is to place the number you are calling to the widget provided and you will be connected fast and clear.

In order to enhance the experience, you can make use of a headset or microphone along with speakers to make the quality of the sound even better for that fabulous experience.


Evaphone offers a lot of cool features that are suitable for those who need to avail of cheap or free international call to anywhere in the globe. Some of the exciting features include the following:


  • Free international calls of specific duration that varies from place to place. For instance, free international call to India lasts for about 12 seconds

  • The free calls offered by Evaphone are advertisement supported

  • No software needed to place any call as you can make calls straight from Evaphone’s website. However, you need to have the current version of Adobe flash player as well as a headset with microphone.

  • Paid VoIP calls at competitive pricing. For example, paid international call to India may range from $0.054 and may be at $0.069 and may be subjected to change.

Customer Service

Evaphone’s customer service is also exceptional with its reliable customer service page. If you have concerns about our billing, VoIP service or the basics, you can always visit the forums and stay informed and updated. You can also share suggestions or submit a request via email. You will always get the assistance that you need if you visit its website so there is no need to worry at all.

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