Doing Business around the World through Skype in the Workspace

People who have the entrepreneurial spirit may put up their own businesses and be their own boss although this may be a very risky endeavor. Those who are up for the challenge may see their products or their services being launched and accepted by consumers the world over. However, they have to overcome all of the difficulties and challenges that often block their path to successful business ventures.

To help small business owners, skype in the Workspace or SITW has been launched by the company as a means of sharing information and experiences to all those who are in the field of business. SITW is a new platform that has been primarily created for the benefit of the small business owners as they can now connect with their customers, suppliers or business partners all over the world.

The early days of Skype in the Workspace has seen Mark Ralphs providing pieces of advice to those who would like to get started in using the platform. As a digital strategist from the UK, Mark helped small business owners particularly in targeting the right audiences or prospective market for the various products or services being offered. Since SITW has started, Skype has attracted about 500 small business owners to make use of the platform and gain advantage in any type of businesses such as smart-phone design providers or business coaching services.

Skype has provided small business owners the opportunity to get closer to the various stakeholders of their businesses—customers, suppliers, business partners and others. Business owners know that being able to communicate to all important stakeholders can help their business grow no matter where their business is located. They are able to reach out to potential customers all around the world through the SITW platform. There have been lots of positive feedbacks from various users of this communication tool that is provided by Skype.

STIW for beginners

There are experts or consultants that will help small business owners or entrepreneurs in making use of the STIW platform. They may provide guidance in launching the business idea so that all stakeholders concerned will be able to know about it. People would only need to click the “add a service” option in order for them to create an offer to those who are in the Skype community. Members may discover the business through the STIW platform. However, small business owners are still encouraged to make use of the various social media platforms that are available aside from Skype in the Workplace.

Expanding a business

Those who have already established their businesses and who are maintaining various business relationships can still make use of SKIW as an effective marketing tool. Business owners can sign up and get connected with other business owners or with other users. They can showcase whatever they are offering to all people in the Skype community. People who are able to buy their products or try their services can provide feedbacks or testimonials that will help business owners in building their business through the endorsements and positive comments.

One of the best things that Skype is offering to business owners and to entrepreneurs is the use of one web-based platform in running their business enterprises over the internet. The features of the STIW are very easy to use and it allows users to share tools while they are working through Skype or through their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Business owners can set appointments, make use of video calling and do other business transactions via the facilities that they can avail of when they sign up with Skype in the Workplace.

Consumers around the world can also make use of SITW. If they need some services or products, all they have to do is to check the directory of companies that are offering what they need. They would know the providers of the products and how they would buy and receive the products or the services from the companies or businesses.

Business owners as well as consumers can get started in less than 30 seconds. Those who already have a Skype account or a LinkedIn account may register for Skype at the Workplace so that they may start discovering what the world of business has to offer.

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