Differentiating BlackBerry Bold 9790 Smartphone from Other Types

The BlackBerry phone has been regarded as the leader when it comes to the best type of Smartphone for small business owners. The features that are included in this kind of phones provide convenience and ease to people who have to make use of it for their work or for their business tasks. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is an example of a smart device that small business owners can really take advantage of.

The type of keyboard that BlackBerry Bold is known for is still far the best as users can make use of it for their not only for their messages but for writing their emails as well. Although it takes almost the bottom half of the phone’s front part, it has been one of the best features as it is complimented on the upper part with excellent touch-screen TFT capacity.

People are able to browse around using BB 7.0 program, a new method that has been incorporated for a better touch-screen experience for users of the BlackBerry Bold 9790. They are also able to make use of the optical track-pad as an alternative to the screen. Users can control this feature though a thumb so they can go over their contacts as well as check their documents even with one hand only. This feature may only be seen in a few mobile phones which are created and designed by RIM.

Another advantage of using a BlackBerry Bold 9790 is the size of its storage space which boasts of 8 GB. People may be able to store lots of data and contact information that they need. Those who are in business may also find this feature very useful because of the large amount of information that they can save and store. Consumers who would still need more space can make use of the microSD card slot that has been included in the design. This feature allows users to set up their mass storage device up to 32 GB. The ability of the device to deliver cost effective storage capacity of about 40 GB space will definitely provide an advantage to consumers.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 can also enjoy the internet as this model is designed for HSDPA internet connection. Users may also access the internet through their devices using Wi-Fi connection as most people would prefer using it because of faster means of access as well as lesser battery consumption. There are also lots of places where Wi-Fi hotspots are available so whether users are in public places or in industrial areas, they are able to login to their accounts and send messages and do other important things as well.

One of the best features of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 phone is that users can make use of the document editor or viewer. They can create, edit and mail their documents in various formats such as Word or Excel. Those who need to make presentations can also make use of the PowerPoint option. People who are travelling may do more especially if they need to prepare their presentations or they have to send important messages while they are on their way. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 will indeed make a difference not only to those who are in business but to other people who need better mobile phone capacity as well.

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