Cost and Customer Service from Magic Jack

There have been lots of reviews about the services that are rendered by Magic Jack. Here are some more pieces of information about the features and the kind of customer services that Magic Jack provides to people. Those who have not tried using Magic Jack may be able to know more by reading the reviews while those who have used the services of Magic Jack may also send or post their reviews as well. There are several things that people have to be aware of before they decide to engage the services of phone service providers such as Magic Jack.

Customer Service

There are varying opinions as to the kind of customer services that Magic Jack provides. Some customers have given good or satisfactory ratings while others may have not been satisfied as they rated it very low. The differences in the ratings among customers may be attributed to their experiences with Magic Jack. There are people who are happy with the services provided to them and they may not have had any reason to call for customer service so they gave Magic Jack higher ratings. On the other hand, those who have tried using the customer services may have had some bad experiences with it so they gave very low ratings.

People may have some problems with getting in touch with the customer service department of Magic Jack because there are no contact numbers that are indicated in their website. People may try using the live chat option found in their website if they have any concerns about the services that are provided by the company. However, most of those people who have tried to get in touch with customer services were not able to get touch with them.

Sound Quality

There are also people who do not find any problem when it comes to the quality of sound that they get from Magic Jack. However, there are also some who have experienced otherwise. Again, those who were not able to get in touch with someone who would help them with the problems about sound quality got frustrated about it as they are not able to find solutions to it. Customers need assistance if there are some technical problems concerning the services but it seems that they were not able to get what they need from Magic Jack.

Costs to be incurred

Based on the website of Magic Jack, customers have to pay $19.95 every year for the services. This amount may be very low as compared to those that are charged by other companies and even lower than any of providers of VoIP. However, there are several people who have given a very low score in terms of giving ratings to the Value for Money part.

People may find that their money may not actually have any value at all if they are not able to make use of the services simply because their phones do not work. The problem lies not on the amount that is paid by the customers but the trouble that they have to go through when they try to trouble-shoot a technical problem with no assistance at all.


Although Magic Jack provides services for a group of people in the market especially with their really cheap rates, there are potential problems that customers have to face. Paying $19.95 a year provides people some basic phone services that they would need and even if they pay a very low rate, customers still expect that it will work for their benefit. Those who may find problems with the services do not have to waste their time and effort trying to resolve it.

There may be solutions to the problem but it may take some time especially when there is no assistance from the technical experts of the company. People may still enjoy their phone services again after they have resolved the issue. They may also think of getting the services of another company that is more reliable and that can provide them with customer services.

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